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A Blogger Award for A Writer’s Playground?

Posted by lindamartinandersen on September 5, 2012

“A Blogger Award For ‘A Writer’s Playground?'” by Linda Martin Andersen

YES!  A blogger award and here it is…


 “A Writer’s Playground”

A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly   calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

 *Applause!  How could this be?

Last night I got a surprise as unexpected as seeing a life-sized cow dressed in an Airborne uniform with a parachute over its head.  (See post on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012)  I  got a blogger award.  It’s called the Liebster Award.  Thank you very much, Jean Matthew Hall, for recognizing me with this award.  Check out her blog called “Encouraging Words for Writers” at http://www.jeanmatthewhallwords.blogspot.com/

Now, it’s my turn to recognize some fellow blogger friends.  As some of you may have noticed, I listed a few blogs on my home page that I think kids, parents, and teachers would enjoy.  Here are five of the ones from my blogroll that I’d like present with the Liebster Award.


1. Carol Baldwin at www.carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com (reviews middle grade novels and posts writing tips from classes she teaches.  She has a published writing guide available.  Check her site)

2. Joyce Hostetter at www.joycemoyerhostetter.blogspot.com (reviews middle grade novels, tells about her writing journey and author visits where she discusses her published historical novels.  Check her site for details.)

3.Gretchen Griffith at www.gretchengriffith.blogspot.com (debut author of Lessons Learned who posts stories from school days from 1940s-1960s at Pilot Mountain School in rural North Carolina.  Gretchen has a picture book under contact for publication.  Check her site for details)

4.Joy Acey at www.joyacey.blogspot.com (posts a poem daily and encourages kids to write poems too.  Two of Joy’s poems were recently published in an anthology.  Check her site for details.)

5. Joan Edwards at www.joanyedwards.wordpress.com  (encourages her readers to never give up.  She’s a published author/illustrator of a picture book about a duck who never gives up.  She has an elder care guide under contract for publication.  Check her site for details.)

*Applause!  Now, I’d like to ask these bloggers to please pass the LIEBSTER AWARD to other bloggers. Please note that more than one version of the rules is posted on the internet.  This version contains less rules:

1.  Thank your Liebster Award presenter and link back to his/her blog.

2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award onto your blog.

3.  Present the award to 5 more bloggers with fewer than 200 (300-some sources).

4.  Notify bloggers of their award.  Have fun!

What an honor to be included in this recognition.  I hope those who receive this award as just as delighted as I was.

Thank you for joining us at “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend.

Copyright © 2012 Linda Martin Andersen

Next up:  Meet Laura Reeves, an art teacher who encourages creativity–

September 10, 2012


4 Responses to “A Blogger Award for A Writer’s Playground?”

  1. Thanks, LInda. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in including me in this award!

  2. Carol,

    You’re very welcome. I gain lots of valuable information on each of your posts.

  3. June said

    Dear Linda,
    I’m very happy for you. Congradulations on your award!

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