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Hat’s on Parade!

Posted by lindamartinandersen on May 19, 2013

“Hat’s on Parade!” by Linda Martin Andersen

Today, we march at “A Writer’s Playground” to celebrate the one year birthday of this blog. Hooray!  Below, are photos sent to me by followers who wanted to be part of this parade.  You can join in too.

First, find your favorite hat and march at home.  I chose to wear a jester hat because it reminds me to love life and bring joy and laughter into the world even when life isn’t always funny.   Please tell me about the hat you’re wearing and why you chose it.

Let the parade begin!  Don’t be shy.       

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074                                                                MeLinda Andersen head Jester200x 182

Sherell, a terrific certified nursing assistant.  Congratulations on being accepted into nursing school!

Sherell, a terrific certified nursing assistant. Congratulations on being accepted into nursing school!             


Carol Baldwin with the Pacific Ocean in the background.  Follow her at http://carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/

100_1618Follow Joan at http://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/

Joan Edwards.  Since I am a great fan of ducks, in 2010 I was glad that I was able to talk my sister, Judith and her family into joining me on the Ride the Ducks Tour in Seattle. We had a great time. I bought this silly hat. I was even able to share about my book, Flip Flap Floodle with people riding the boat/bus there. It’s cool because the boat has wheels to roam through the city and is also able to float on the water all in the same tour.


Joy Acey wearing her orange hat, anthology tee shirt (she has two poems within), and hanging out with Oscar, the Ostrich.  Follow her poetry blog at http://poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com/

Please leave a comment about your favorite hat and its significance.  I look forward to having you join in with Hat’s on Parade.

11 Responses to “Hat’s on Parade!”

  1. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Congratulations on your year of blogging. This was a fun parade. Thanks for inviting us to take part. I enjoy your blog and admire you for listing so many activities we can enjoy every day of the year.

    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    • Joan,
      I’m glad you enjoyed participating in the parade. It wouldn’t be the same without cool friends to share in the fun. I’m so happy you could do so.

      Thanks for the compliments on the blog. Thanks for your part in making it possible. 🙂

  2. Linda, you know I love your hat the best! My birthday band hasn’t arrived yet or I’d be wearing it, I do wear a motorcycle helmut, if that counts, and a baseball cap when I get off the bike. It’s to hide my flattened hair. Vain, yes. 🙂

  3. Tracy,

    Sorry to hear that the hat is so slow to get there. Too bad. Hopefully, it will arrive soon. Hat questions: What team do you pull for–with your baseball cap? Do you drive the motorcycle? Do you and your husband each have one? Are there decals on the bike or helmet? Details requested, if that’s okay.

    • No team. It’s my BMW hat. I fall asleep on the back of the motorcycle. It’s the law in Canada to wear a helmut. So we play by the rules. 🙂 No decals, both are just plain black, boring.

  4. Tracy,
    BMW…Baseball caps do advertise for about everything these days, don’t they. Sleeping on a motorcycle–yikes. You better wear that helmet and take a nap beforehand. Keep safe, dear friend. Boring is good, if it pertains to keeping safe.

  5. Thanks for including me and my rather humdrum-but-now-my-favorite hat!

  6. Huh! Huh! Huh!. That’s me panting to catch up,to the parade, but I lost my hat along the way. It is so wide-brimmed the fluted outer edge is fortified with wire. It is made out of some water-repellant material and is black and white swirly stripes. It not only shades my face, but my shoulders as well. My husband spotted it at the Brookside Gardens gift shop in Wheaton, Maryland. Congratulations on sticking with your grand blog, Linda. It is lots of fun and very informative. Sarah

    • Catch your breath. We’ll wait up. So glad you could join us Sarah. Hat or no hat, you have a great description. What a winning design. I love the story behind how you got it too. Nice of your husband to think of you and get the hat.

      Thanks for the congratulations on the birthday of my blog.. I’m glad you find it fun and informative. What a nice compliment. Come be a part of the activities any time.

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