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It’s June and Time for Summer Fun

Posted by lindamartinandersen on May 31, 2013

“It’s June and Time for Summer Fun” by Linda Martin Andersen

“A Writer’s Playground”

A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

Think:  What does the word “June” bring to mind? SUMMER.  School’s out for summer, summer camps begin, summer reading, and hot summer sands and summer vacations at the beach. 

Other things we remember in June include:  Father’s Day, D-Day and Flag Day.

Special Days in June:

  • Drawing Day or Pencil Day:  1  Do you doodle on paper?  What do you usually draw?  What  books have you read with characters who draw?  Which ones would you recommend to friends?  What do you wish you could draw?  Look for drawing books that can teach you steps to take. 
  • Do-Dah Day (Salute to Silliness):  4  Have you ever had the “silly giggles?”  Have you ever had someone come up and ask, “What’s so funny?”  When you tried to explain, the person just didn’t get it.  Have you ever said, “You had to be there?”  What was the silly thing?  Share it in the comment section.
  • Hot Air Balloon Day:  5  Have you ever taken a hot air balloon?  Have you ever watched one soar?  Have you read books with hot air balloons in the story?  Consider reading Newsgirl by Liza Ketchum.  It’s a fun middle grade historic novel.  This link provides an interview about the book by its author.  http://www.lizaketchum.com/books/newsgirl.htm


  • D-Day:  6  What is this?  Ask someone who loves history if you do not know.  What museums have exhibits on this topic in your area.  Consider visiting. 
  • Upsey Daisy Day:  8  What does this mean?  How will you celebrate?  Ask your parents and grandparents if this is one they know.
  • Corn on the Cob Day:  11  Do you prefer your corn on or off the cob?  What is a corn cob pipe?  What nursery rhyme talks about cows in the corn?  In what season are corn stalks used for decorating?  Have you ever gathered corn in the field?  Have you ever shucked corn?  Have you ever cut corn off the cob for freezing?  What other memories do you have that include corn?
  • Flag Day:  14  What flag is flown on this day?  Why?  If you could design a flag for your family, church, neighborhood, or school, what would it include?
  • Father’s Day:  16  What do you call your father?  What do you call your grandfather?  What other names for father do you know?  Which is your favorite?.  What other ways is Father used?  For example:  Father Time.
  • World Sauntering Day:  19  What is sauntering? What other words can substitute for sauntering?  These are synonyms.
  • American Eagle Day:  20  Have you ever watched a web cam of an eagle’s nest?  Research facts about eagles and share them.  What bird almost became America’s symbol instead of an eagle?  Who recommended the other choice?
  • Summer Solstice (Summer):  21  What will you do this summer?  What will you read?  What sports will you play?  What will you study?  Where can you learn more about summer solstice?
  • Great American Backyard Campout:  22  Where have you camped out?  Who was with you?  Are you a member of an organization that camps out, like Boy Scouts?  Have you ever cooked over a camp fire?  Tell about one of your experiences.
  • Let it Go Day:  23  What does it mean to “let something go?”  When have you been told this or used the expression yourself?  What is bothering you that you will let go today?  Will you call and apologize and make it right with the other person?
  • Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments)”  23  When you hear the word “Flamingo” what state comes to mind?  What do you know about flamingos?  What other colors are there?  Why do you think pink plastic flamingos have become popular lawn ornaments?  Do you know someone who has one?  Why?
  • Log Cabin Day:  30  Research famous people who lived in log cabins.  Name a television show where the characters lived in a log cabin.  Have you ever stayed in one?  Were you on vacation, hunting, or hiking?  What was your favorite thing about the cabin?  Did it have running water?

Special Weeks in June:

  • International Clothesline Week:  1-8.  What is a clothesline?  Who do you know who has one?  Who do you know who has a clothes rack for indoor drying?  Have you ever run through clothes on the line?  Name a story, television program, or book that mentions a clothesline.  Have you ever “hung clothes on the line?”  What happens if they get wet? What happens if the clothes are still wet when the temperature freezes?  How do you dry clothes at your house?
  • Rip Current Awareness Week:  2-8  What is rip current?  What is the danger?
  • National Flag Week:  9-15  What country or countries recognize this day?  Name a favorite flag.  Tell why it’s a favorite.
  • National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 9-16  Who is your favorite auto mechanic?  Have you ever helped repair a car?  What is a “shade tree mechanic?”
  • Duct Tape Days:  14-16  What have you seen created with duct tape?  What have you made with it?  Would you wear or buy something made from it?  Here are images you might enjoy.  http://www.ducttapefashion.com/
  • http://www.cleveland.com/avon/index.ssf/2013/05/avon_heritage_duct_tape_festiv_4.html

Product Details

  • Check out the selection of crafts and fashions in books.

  • Watermelon Seed Spitting Week: 27-30  What festival activities have you participated in?  Do you like salt on your watermelon?  Do you eat it with a knife, spoon, fork, or just your mouth?  How does the juice feel when it dries on your skin?  Why?

June is…

  • Audio Book Appreciation Month   What is your favorite time to listen to a book?  Do you listen while traveling in a car?  What are your favorite books on audio?  Why?
  • Country Cooking Month  What do you call country cooking?  What country do you mean?  What country cooking foods do you like?  Which would you not eat?
  • National Camping Month  What kind of camping have you done?  Summer camp, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Dance camp, Music camp, Cheerleading camp, Church camp, Basketball camp, etc.  Have you ever pitched a tent?  Cooked on an open fire?  Told ghost stories by the camp fire?
  • Skyscraper Month  Search for skyscraper trivia.  What is the highest building in your town?  How many stories?  How old is the building?  What movies show skyscrapers?

*Thank you Brownie Locks.com for June celebration information.  For more June observances check out: http://www.brownielocks.com/june.html

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.” Please come again soon.  Bring a friend. 

Copyright © 2013 Linda Martin Andersen

17 Responses to “It’s June and Time for Summer Fun”

  1. another great list. just posted it on FB!

  2. Thank you for posting to Face Book. I appreciate you, Carol.

  3. I’ve got many young moms on my fb, several who used to be my Girl Scouts! I’ve posted to fb on their behalf.

    • Deanna,
      Great of you to post to FB with my blog activities. Thank you! I appreciate that very much. I hope you are doing well personally and with your writing. You’re one great lady!

  4. Maureen Wartski said

    So many interesting days! I never knew there were so many. To choose one as a favorite is too hard, so how about words for ‘meandering’…? I can think of… Lollygagging, sauntering, strolling… And my own invention: wambling.:)

    • Maureen,
      Lollygagging has always been one of my favorite words. Even the sound of it is fun. I’m glad you thought of it. It brings back sweet memories of care-free times. I hope it does for you too.

      Thanks for commenting and choosing something of interest to share.

  5. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for compiling so many different reasons to celebrate each day during June.

    I used to have to hang clothes on the line. You’d rush to get the clothes in if it rained. If it got cold, the clothes were like a frozen sheet, stiff as a board.

    When I visited Florida as an adult, my friend had clothes on the line and it started to rain. I hurried out to take them down for her. She stopped me and said, “Not to worry. The sun will come out and the clothes will dry.”

    Now I am thankful that I can dry my clothes in an electric dryer.

    Celebrate you and all of your wonderful ideas, Linda.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    • Joan,
      Thanks for sharing your memories about clothes on the line. Most people don’t experience those things today. A clothes dryer will spoil us, won’t it?

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the variety of things to celebrate this month. Thanks for telling me to celebrate being myself. I will. Same to you!

  6. joyacey said

    What a fun list. Thank you for posting it. I did try drawing today. I put my picture of bluets up on my blog http://www.poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com
    I look forward to your calendar each month.

    • Joy,
      I’m glad you look forward to the monthly calendar posts. Thanks for saying so.

      I went to see the bluets you drew. They are lovely. By the way, my signature looks a little different. Look for a new signature about golf. I’m using my husband’s computer this weekend. Mine is “out of sorts.”

  7. Just like Joyacey, I look forward to what wacky or fun day is in store for each month.
    So let me see, on June 5th it’s hot air balloon day. I’ve never been in one, but it’s on my bucket list, and balloons are just pure fun.
    June 8th,–Upsey, Daisy Day. I’ll have to ask my parents if they have heard of this day. I’m intrigued. 🙂
    In Canada, we celebrate our flag on February 15th. I never forget that day because it’s my dad’s birthday. Well, if the truth be told, he doesn’t let me forget that. 🙂
    Which now brings me to Father’s Day. A day I cherish, just like I cherish Dad. I have a greeting card I designed for his special day.
    Thanks, Linda for another fun-filled month. 🙂

    • Hi Tracy,
      I’ve never sailed in a hot air balloon either. They are lovely in the air, but I imagine my view will remain looking up.

      Thank goodness for flag Day in the US or Canada or other loved homelands. Let’s celebrate our country’s heritage.

      I love your Father’s Day card. Isn’t it the one with the frog?

      Thank you for checking out my post. Most appreciated.

      • Yes, let’s keeping looking up. 🙂
        And yes, the frog card is the one I did for Father’s Day, and it’s up today on my blog post. Hope you drop by for a visit. 🙂

  8. Tracy,
    I did! I did stop by for a visit! Love that card!

  9. […] https://lindamartinandersen.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/its-june-and-time-for-summer-fun […]

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