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Book Review by One of Our Own

Posted by lindamartinandersen on August 6, 2013

“Book Review by One of Our Own” for Linda M. Andersen

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A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074Let’s celebrate Wednesday, August 7, 2013–Professional Speakers Day with a book review about a Supreme Court judge and professional speaker, Sonia Sotomayor.  The book review is written by one of our own–here’s how it all got started…

Susan Williams, a blog follower, left a comment about a book she was reading:   “I have just started reading the autobiography of Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic woman appointed to the Supreme Court (2009).  She is really an inspiration to all girls and women, making us realize that we can overcome obstacles to become anything we want to be, if we just show enough dedication and perspiration.  Sonia overcame her childhood of juvenile diabetes, an alcoholic father, and an overburdened mother to become one of the most important persons in our country.  The title of Sonia Sotomayor’s book is My Beloved World.  Anyone who has had to help a child find an AUTObiography, rather than a BIOgraphy, to read for an assignment, will surely welcome this book.”

Susan’s  blog comments eventually led to the posting of this book review.  How?

After receiving Susan’s comments, I contacted her and asked if she would write and post a book review for My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. 

Her answer?   




And here’s Susan’s review of My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor:

Book Review by Susan Williams

Title:  My Beloved World.

Author:  Sonia Sotomayor.

Publisher:  Alfred A. Knopf, Borzoi Books, 2013.

Suitable for:  Teens, Adults.

Themes/Topics:  Hispanic American Women, U.S. Judges, Extended Family Support, Perseverance, Self-Determination.  Contains photos from the author’s personal collection, except for one by Steve Petteway, which shows the author taking the Judicial Oath of the Supreme Court.  This photo is courtesy of the Supreme Court.

Genre:  My Beloved World is classified as a memoir, since it includes the author’s emotions as well as the bare facts of her life.  She ends the story twenty years ago, when she first became a judge.

Synopsis:  This book tells the story of Sonia Sotomayor, first Hispanic American woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court.  She was born of parents who immigrated from Puerto Rico in 1944 and lived in the Hispanic Bronx.  Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was a practical nurse who avoided being at home with him by working the night shift and most weekends.  Sonia’s father died when she was nine.  She spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who was the source of her stability.  Sonia drew strength and support from her grandmother and extended family members.

Sonia was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was seven.  To keep her parents from quarreling about how to give her insulin shots, Sonia decided that she would do it herself.  This shows how she came to approach life’s hardships: by meeting them head on.  Living with diabetes taught her “self-discipline and an internal awareness that allowed her to have perception of the emotional states of others.”  This later served her well in the courtroom.  Since resources for managing diabetes were not as readily available as today, Sonia always believed that she would have a shorter than normal lifespan. Therefore, she never  wasted time by doing such things as taking a semester off.  She states that she still feels that urgency, which serves to feed her internal drive for accomplishments.

Sonia became high school valedictorian and graduated summa cum laude from Princeton.  During her freshman year there, she realized that she had “gaps in her knowledge and understanding due to her limited cultural background within the boundaries of her family and community.”  This fueled her determination to be a student for life and to seek guidance and knowledge from professors, colleagues, and friends.

At Princeton, Sonia began to see how prejudice leads to discrimination, both in color and gender.  She set up a volunteer program at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital so non-English speaking patients would always have access to Spanish-speaking staff.  It was here that she realized that “public service would give her the greatest professional satisfaction” and her needs would be best served through government.

Sonia had a failed marriage.  After Princeton, she went to Yale Law School.  She then worked with the New York County District Attorney’s office, entered private practice, and was appointed as a judge to the Federal District Court.  From 1998 to 2009 she served as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals.  She assumed her role as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on August 8, 2009.

Why I Liked This Book:  I found Judge Sotomayor’s memoir to be very inspiring.  I did get a little tired of all the details concerning the family interactions, but these details showed what made Sonia the person she has become.  From the time she was seven and learned to give herself insulin shots, she has never quit learning and persisting in the achievement of her goals.  This book should be an inspiration to teen girls and minorities, showing them that hard work, study, and persistence go a long way toward achieving  goals.

Sonia Sotomayor said this about herself:  “I think this fish has found her pond.”  What do you think?  Please leave a comment.  

Readers, let’s hear it for Sonia Sotomayor and Susan Williams. 


Thanks again, Susan Williams, for agreeing to write this review and for sharing it with us.  You did a wonderful job!  I hope your review leads many to read My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor.  

Comments anyone?  Don’t be shy!

Here is another review of this book:  “The Bronx, the Bench and Life in Between” by Michael Kakutani  of the New York Times.


Readers, as always, I look forward to your return visit to  “A Writer’s Playground.”  Please come again soon and bring a friend.

Copyright © 2013 Linda Martin Andersen


10 Responses to “Book Review by One of Our Own”

  1. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for asking Susan to share her review of Sonia’s book with us. Indeed Sonia Sotomayer is an inspiration to lead us to follow our dreams and remember to give service to those who have need of it.
    Celebrate you!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

    • Joan,
      I agree that Sonia Sotomayor is a great inspiration. It is wonderful that she believes in serving others, isn’t it? I’m also appreciative that Susan Williams gave of her time to write a book review. She did it because she believes that Sonia Sotomayor’s memoir can positively influence teens and adults. Thank you, Susan.

      And thank you, Joan, for taking time to comment. You do your part to encourage others to do their best! Thanks for being a faithful follower.

      • Susan Williams said

        Thanks so much for the comments, Joan and Linda. I think teen girls need more positive role models to follow.

  2. Maureen Wartski said

    I liked this book very much… and wrote a review of it for my forty_year book club! Sotomayor has, I believe, something rare and valuable… Balance.
    Thank you for posting this fine review and post!

    • Maureen,
      I love that you wrote a review of this book also. How about that? I like the name of your book club too. Cute! If Sonia Sotomayor has been able to find balance in her life, with all her responsibilities, it stands to reason that it’s obtainable for everyone.

      I hope Susan will notice the fine compliment you paid her about her review! Thanks for saying that you’re glad this was posted. I’m thankful for your loyal following.

      • Susan Williams said


        Thanks so much for your posting and also for reviewing the book for your book club. I think we need to get the word out as much as possible about Sotomayor. She truly does have balance! I was inspired to read the book after hearing her being interviewed about it on National Public Radio.

  3. nice review. Loved the fish has found her pond line!

    • Carol,
      I think it’s wonderful when we feel at home where we are. I agree that that Sonia’s line is a nice one and so is the feeling it produces. Thanks for including “A Writer’s Playground” as a place you like to hang out. Stop in any time.

      • Susan Williams said

        Thanks so much for the comment. Sonia does truly seem to have “found her pond” and really believes in giving back to her community and her country.

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