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March Is…

Posted by lindamartinandersen on March 2, 2014

“March Is…” by Linda Martin Andersen

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074 “A Writer’s Playground”–A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

Think:  March is…a noun and a verb.  Complete these statements:  March of __________.  March on __________.  What book titles can you name for these two open-ended statements?  What about spring book titles?  Favorite poems about spring?

Look below at what March brings.  Research, read, or do something this reminds you of.  For example, March is National Craft Month.  It’s a windy month and so I decide to make a kite.  Since it’s also National Kite Month, I’ll fly it when it’s finished.  Now, look at the list of special days and weeks in March.  Do something special to remember one or more of these.  I hope you’ll share your thoughts here.

March brings…

American Red Cross Month or Red Cross Month

National Craft Month

National Kite Month (3/29-5/3)

National March Into Literacy Month

National Nutrition Month

Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Sing With Your Child Month

Youth Art Month

Special Weeks in March…

National Cheerleading Week: 1-7

National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week: 1-7

National Pet Sitters Week: 2-8

National Severe Storm Preparedness Week: 2-8

National Words Matter Week: 2-8

National Rattlesnake Roundup: 7-9 (2nd Weekend)

Act Happy Week: 17-23 (Starts on 3rd Monday)

Wildlife Week: 17-23

World Folktales & Fables Week: 17-23

National Cherry Blossom Festival: 20-4/13

Tsunami Awareness Week: 23-29

Special Days in March…

World Compliment Day: 1

Dr. Seuss Day: 2

Princess Day: 3

Cereal Day: 7

World Day of Prayer: 7  (Always First Friday)

 National Day of Unplugging: 7-8 (First Friday)

Daylight Savings Time Begins: 9 (One hour ahead

*St. Patrick’s Day: 17

Poetry Day: 21

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26

*Thank you Brownie Locks.com for March celebration information.  For more, check out: http://www.brownielocks.com/march.html

Let’s talk:  Choose one or more of the conversation starters above and leave a comment.  Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Please come again soon.  Bring a friend.

Children 14 years old or older may leave a comment.  Thanks for adhering to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. (COPPA)  See:  http://www.coppa.org/coppa.htm

Copyright © 2014 Linda Martin Andersen

6 Responses to “March Is…”

  1. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Your blog posts march on in quality and I am glad they do. I like that tomorrow is Princess Day. Tomorrow I will pretend to be a princess. I also like that words are important in March. People are important, too. I am thankful that I know you. Celebrate you and all you do to help others!

    Never Give Up

  2. Hi Joan,
    What a nice compliment about my blogs marching on. Have fun being a princess tomorrow. What will you wear? I hope you blog about it! Words, people, and actions are important aren’t they?

    Thanks for your loyal following. Most appreciated!

  3. Hi Linda,
    First my answers to fill in the blanks…the Ides of March, and march on and keep posting helpful posts, Linda. Did not know it was craft month. That appeals to me, and since today is Princess Day…I feel like a princess. 🙂 And I can’t wait to gain another hour of daylight. Thinking of you and hubby.

    • Tracy,
      Good answers! Joan was supposed to pretend to be a princess today too. You two could compare notes. Thanks for encouraging me to march on. I love that thought. It is a good message for me personally and professionally.

  4. Susan Williams said

    Since this is Pet Sitter’s Week, give a call or send a message thanking them for what they do if you use a pet sitter. I personally use Carolina Pet Care to take care of my cats and outside birds when I’m gone.

    I can’t imagine some of the things they encounter in the course of their day. It isn’t all fun and games, I know. I tried to let my neighbor’s pet out the other night, since she was away for a long day and into the night. Her dog knows me well, but would have nothing to do with me when I went into the house. Maybe he didn’t like the toboggan(sp) I had on. I left to go get a leash from my house, but when I got back, the dog was nowhere to be found. So much for my help!

    • Susan,
      Thanks so much for commenting. This is a great idea. I hope those who use sitter services will act on your wonderful suggestion. I agree that this type service must have many wild and furry tales. “Never a dull moment,” is a favorite line my husband and I use for such times.

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