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It’s July and Time to Celebrate

Posted by lindamartinandersen on July 1, 2014

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What will your July bring? Summer fun? Vacation? Time at the beach or lake? Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch. Maybe you can grill out and eat on a beach towel spread on the sand. Celebrate fun in the sun.
July brings…
Cell Phone Courtesy Month–What rules would you write for this?
Dog Days (7/3 to 8/11)–“Is it hot enough for you?”
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month Link–Did you know that children sometimes have arthritis? Learn more about this disease.
National Blueberries Month–Blueberries grow in my yard. What is your favorite way to eat them? Did you know these berries are very good for you? How? Research to see.
National Grilling Month–Make a list of foods you like cooked on a grill. See how fast you can read your list without stumbling over a word. Try to do it faster. Faster.
National Ice Cream Month–What flavor would you like? A waffle cone or a sugar cone? One scoop or two? With or without chocolate syrup? Nuts?
National Horseradish Month–What is horseradish? Do you like it? Have you ever tried it?
National Hot Dog Month–What toppings would you like?
Sandwich Generation Month–White bread or wheat bread? What type sandwich would you like? What condiments? What is the most unusual sandwich you have ever eaten? Do you eat your bread toasted? Do you like your sandwich cut? Do you eat the crust?
Tour de France Month (Goes from 5-27)–Do you ride a bike? A skateboard? Where do you ride? What safety gear do you wear? Name favorite places you like to ride.

Special Weeks in July

*Rabbit Week: 15-21–Have you ever had a bunny for a pet? What would you need to take care of it?
National Zoo Keeper Week: 20-26 Link–Maybe if we cheer loudly enough, our visiting zoo keeper will visit again.
World Lumberjack Championships: 24-26–Describe yourself as a lumberjack. Share with someone else.

Special Days in July

*I Forgot Day: 2–Write an expression that proves that you forgot something. Example: I don’t remember…
*Stay Out Of The Sun Day: 3–Are you wearing your sunscreen? How often do you reapply?
*Superman Day: 3–I met someone who got a lung transplant. A superman balloon hung above his hospital bed. Why? He has Superman lungs now, or so he said. How have you heard someone use Superman in a conversation?
*Fourth of July or Independence Day: 4–No firecrackers are allowed to be fired in my neighborhood. I don’t think I’ll see any fireworks this year, but I have plenty to celebrate. Name three things in your life worthy of a celebration.
*Chocolate Day: 7–Can’t resist, especially if it covers nuts. How about you?
*Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day: 7–When was the last time you took a walk with your father? Tell someone about it.
*Tell The Truth Day: 7–No fibs, no white lies. Only the truth today. Can you do it?
Collector Car Appreciation Day: 12–What collector car would you like to own? Have you ever ridden in an antique car? Have you been to a car show? Tell about your experiences.
*National French Fries Day: 13–What’s your favorite meal that includes French fries? Where do you like to purchase your fries?
*Shark Awareness Day: 14–Have you ever seen a shark? Where? How big was it? Was it alive? How was it captured?
*Be A Dork Day: 15–What is a dork? Have you ever been called one? Why?
*Gummi Worm Day: 15–What gummi candy will you eat? Will you eat a gummi worm? Why or why not?
Celebration of The Horse Day: 19-20–Name horse books you have read. Which was your favorite and why?
National Hot Dog Day: 19–There are two hot dog stands near a hospital I have been visiting for over a week. I haven’t bought one yet. Would you have stopped? What would you have bought?
*Moon Day: 20–What is your favorite phase of the moon? Why?
*Space Exploration Day: 20–What type science project have you made that teachers about space? How did you decide what to create?
*National Lollipop Day: 20–Do you have a favorite flavor? A favorite brand? What makes it the best?
National Ice Cream Day: 20–What’s your mother’s favorite flavor? Your dad? Your brother? Finish the list. Ask them if you are correct.
*Cousins Day: 24–Who are your cousins? How often do you see each other? What do you do when you get together?
*Tell An Old Joke Day: 24–Find a joke book. Ask some old ones. How many could the person guess?
*Video Games Day: 25–Name an electronic game you like to play. What would you tell someone about it, if you were telling them it’s the best one you own?
*National Day of the Cowboy : 26 Link–What’s your favorite cowboy thing? A rodeo? A cattle drive? Etc.
Aunties Day: 27–Where do your aunties live? Have you visited them all? What is a good gift for an auntie you are visiting?
*Lasagna Day: 29–Which one do you like better: lasagna or spaghetti? Why?
*Rain Day: 29–What will you do if it rains today? If the weather stays beautiful, save the activity for the next rainy day.
*Friendship Day: 30–Who is your best friend? Why?
*Paperback Book Day: 30–How many paperbacks do you own? Do you read them more than one time?

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13 Responses to “It’s July and Time to Celebrate”

  1. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Thank you for letting me know that July is National Ice Cream Month. Vanilla is my all time favorite. I like both waffle cones and sugar cones. I buy sugar cones and put one scoop of Breyer’s No-Sugar Added Vanilla ice cream in it for my hubby, Carl and I to eat. No chocolate syrup or nuts. We started doing that to cut down on the amount of ice cream we eat. One scoop and the cone seems to satisfy our need for a cold, smooth, sweet taste. Fewer calories, less cholesterol. Delicious.

    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up

    • Joan,
      Polls say that vanilla is the number one favorite flavor. You’ve found a way to make a delicious treat a healthy one too. Smart thinking! Thanks for sharing about your favorite ice cream treat. Cheers!

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Happy July!

  2. Now you KNOW a SUPERMAN with super lungs! I wonder if there is a “transplant day”–when everyone who has received a transplant celebrates! Hope Scotty is doing well.

    • Carol,
      I’m so glad you kept this line of thought going. Yes, I do know a SUPERMAN with super lungs. My husband is getting better and I hope he leaves the hospital soon. Thanks for asking about him.

  3. What a month! I like that Friendship Day is my birthday. I am a good friend and also appreciate my friends so much.
    We celebrate our FREEDOM July 4. Considering the violence, lack of human and civil rights in many countries, etc. we must stop and consider how valuable our freedom truly is.
    I celebrate life every day. Each day is a gift.
    I celebrate books and continues opportunities to learn.

    Happy July!

  4. Kathleen said

    Linda, my favorite is blueberry pancakes tied with warm blueberry pie! 🙂 Oh and chocolate any way or form works for me. The Superman balloon how wonderful and true!!!

    • Kathleen,
      Fresh blueberries make lots of good treats. I love chocolate too. I’m glad you enjoyed the Superman balloon story. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Have a great July.

  5. Hey Linda, today is Rain Day…I think we are going to strike out here. Maybe I’ll just go get some lasagna. 😉

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