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A Hug Here, A Hug There, A Hug Everywhere

Posted by lindamartinandersen on September 1, 2014

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074                      Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

Kids are back in school and parents can be seen giving hugs here, there, and everywhere.   Check out the bus stop and the “Kiss and Go” lane of some elementary schools.   Hug Machine by Scott Campbell, reminds me of special hugging moments.  Learn more here:

Kirkus review–


A video–


Several days in September celebrate hugs.  How many you can find?

Special Days in September–

  • Great Bathtub Race: 1  Perhaps you have an old bathtub sitting in a barn that could be used to join the fun.  What do you know about this race?  Research to learn more.  Where is a bathtub race held?  Do you know anyone who has ever been in a race?  What type race?  What would you like to ask the person about his/her experience?
  • Labor Day: 1 Why is this holiday celebrated?  How do you celebrate the day?
  • National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day: 1 Do something nice for someone.  Not for a birthday or thank you.  Just because.
  • National Wildlife Day:4 Make a list of the wildlife in your area.  What wildlife would you like to learn more about?  I’ve been learning about badgers by watching a wildlife program on television.  What research would you like to do?
  • Grandma Moses Day: 7  Who was Grandma Moses?  How did she get this name?  What nickname could you give your grandma?
  • Grandparent’s Day: 7 How many grandparents do you have?  Call or visit each one and tell them why they are special to you.
  • Pet Rock Day: 7 If you had a pet rock, what would you do together?  Where would your pet rock sleep?  How would you care for it?
  • Swap Ideas Day: 10  Swap ideas with a friend for how to have fun together.
  • Patriot Day: 11 What is a patriot?  Are you a patriot?  Does it show?  How?
  • Banana Day: 12 Name the many ways you eat bananas.  Which is your favorite?  Fix a banana snack.  What is your favorite fruit?
  • Video Games Day: 12  What’s your favorite?  Who would you share this game with?  Who could you teach to play it?
  • Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day: 13  What do you like to cook?  Could you ask to cook it today?  Could you volunteer to cook a meal today?
  • National Hollerin’ Day: 13 Have you ever felt like hollering from the top of your lungs?  What words or sounds would you holler? Have you ever been to a hollering contest?
  • Roald Dahl Day: 13  Name books by this author.  Which is your favorite?  Check out a title from the library that you haven’t read.
  • National Hug Your Hound Day:  14  What is a hound?  What is a good hound name?  What does a hound enjoy doing?
  • Mayflower Day: 16 Just for fun, give the Mayflower a nickname that is a May flower.
  • National Guacamole Day: 16 Do you like guacamole?  What is it used for?  What foods do you eat with guacamole?
  • Stepfamily Day: 16 Do you have a stepfamily?  Share a funny or special memory with someone in this family.  Make a list of family memories you are thankful for.
  • Trail of Tears Commemoration Day: 16  What is the Trail of Tears?  Research to learn more.  Who would enjoy researching with you?
  • School Backpack Awareness Day: 17   What do you look for in a backpack?  What safety tips do you know about how to wear one?
  • Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day: 18 If you do not know a greeting card writer, hug someone who has sent you a greeting card.  Have you saved any cards you’ve been sent?  Were they birthday cards, get well cards, or others?
  • National Cheeseburger Day: 18 Do you like hamburgers prepared at home, at a restaurant, or an outdoor grill?  What condiments do you like on your hamburger?
  • National Respect Day: 18 What does respect mean to you?  Ask others their definition.  Are they the same?
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day: 19 Pretend to be a pirate.  What would you say?  Where would you pretend to sail?  Who would you hire for your ship?  What would you name your ship?
  • Big Whopper Liar Day: 20
  • International Eat An Apple Day: 20  List as many varieties as you can name.  Alphabetize them.  Sort them by color.  Which is your favorite?  Why?
  • International Coastal Cleanup Day: 20 What trash would you expect to find in the international coastal waterway?  Research clean up efforts.
  • National Gymnastics Day: 20  Have you ever taken gymnastic classes?  Name some exercises you have done.  Do you like to watch gymnastics events at the Olympics?
  • International Day of Peace: 21 Name ways to promote peace at home.
  • World’s Alzheimer’s Day: 21  Do you know anyone with Alzheimer’s?  Name some of the symptoms.
  • Dear Diary Day: 22 What would you write in your diary today?  How much would you share with others?
  • Ice Cream Cone Day: 22 Remember a favorite time you had ice cream.  Tell about it.
  • National Rock n’ Roll Dog Day: 22  What do you think this is?  Check to see if you are right.
  • Hug A Vegetarian Day: 26  Do you know a vegetarian?  Are you one?
  • Johnny Appleseed Day: 26 Have you read a book about Johnny Appleseed?  Read this story and share trivia with others.
  • Family Health and Fitness Day USA: 27  What do you do to keep fit?  What is your favorite way to exercise?
  • National Hunting and Fishing Day: 27  Have you ever been hunting or fishing?  What is your best story about a time you did?
  • National Museum Day: 27 What is the last museum you visited?  What was your favorite exhibit?  Will you visit again soon?
  • R.E.A.D. in America Day: 27 What do the initials stand for?  Will you pass the word about this special day?  How will you spread the word?
  • National Good Neighbor Day: 28  Are you a good neighbor?  In what way do you show it?

Special Weeks in September–

  • International Enthusiasm Week: 1-7 What are you enthusiastic about?  Who else do you know who shares your enthusiasm?
  • National Waffle Week: 1-6 Does anyone in your house fix waffles?  Do you eat them out?  What is your favorite?  Your favorite syrup?
  • Popcorn Days: 4-6  
  • Line Dance Week: 8-13 Do you know any line dances?  Can you teach others?
  • Child Passenger Safety Week: 14-20 
  • National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: 14-20
  • Pollution Prevention Week: 14-20
  • Hummingbird Celebration: 18-21  Did you see any hummingbirds near your home this summer?  Did you feed them?
  • Deaf Awareness Week: 21-28 
  • National Clean Hands Week: 21-28  Why is this so important?
  • National Dog Week: 21-27
  • National Keep Kids Creative Week: 21-27   Is it time to re-decorate your refrigerator to show your new interests?
  • Sea Otter Awareness Week: 21-27
  • World Hearing Aid Awareness Week: 28-10/4  How many adults do you know who wear hearing aids?  How many kids?  What might cause a child to need one?
  • National Chimney Safety Week: 28-10/4
  • Fall Astronomy Week: 29-10/5

September is… 

  • Backpack Safety America Month Name one or more backpack safety rules.  Have someone else check your bag for safety.
  • Childrens’ Good Manners Month  What two magic words go with good manners?  How often do you say them per day?
  • International  or National Guide Dogs Month  Tell about a recent spotting of a guide dog.  My last spotting, I saw a lady in a wheelchair who had a guide dog with her.
  • International Square Dancing Month  Does your Parks and Recreation Center offer dance classes for children?  Have you ever been square dancing?  Do you anyone who square dances?  Would you like to learn?
  • Library Card Sign-up Month (World) When was the last time you went to the public library?  Do you have a library card?  How often do you check out books?  Does your local library have special programs for children?  Would you like to volunteer at the library?
  • Million Minute Family Challenge (September-December)  Keep a log of time spent together as a family playing non-electronic games.
  • National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month What changes could you make to eat more healthy?
  • National Fruit and Veggies Month (Also June) What vegetable and fruit snacks do you eat?
  • National Head Lice Prevention Month What things can you do to prevent getting head lice?  Have you ever had your head checked?
  • National Honey Month  What is the difference in pasteurized and non-pasteurized honey?  What honey trivia can you share with someone?
  • National Sewing Month  What can you sew?  A button?  A hem?  A monogram?  A garment?  Has anyone ever made you a costume?  Did you help?  Tell about where you wore the costume.  Thank the person who sewed for you. 
  • National Service Dog Month
  • National Sickle Cell Month  What do you know about this disease?  Do you know anyone who has it?  What other disease would you like to learn more about?
  • World Animal Remembrance Month  What animal would you like to remember this month?  A dinosaur?  A pet that died?  A guide dog you know?   


Thanks for visiting.  Please share the ways you will celebrate September.  To learn about other special days this month, visit  http://www.brownielocks.com/september.html

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