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Is It Already the Second Week in November?

Posted by lindamartinandersen on November 9, 2014

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“Is It Already the Second Week in November?”

I saw a comic today that reminded me that it’s all about perspective.  The adults in the “Family Circus” are concerned that they don’t have enough time to prepare for Christmas.  The kids, on the other hand, think there is entirely too much wait time until Christmas.  How about you?  Are you seeing things more from the adult or kid angle?  A great exercise this month would be to try to see things from the opposite perspective, at least for a few minutes.  And don’t forget to smile!

Just in case you thought I forgot, here are a few events you might want to celebrate during the remainder of this month.

November is…

Aviation History Month–Are you flying anywhere for the holidays?  Where would you like to fly if you could?
Family Stories Month--Write them down.
Historic Bridge Awareness Month--Can you name one in your state?
National Adoption Month--What a gift!  Do you have an adoption story to share?
National Native American Heritage Month–How can you honor Native Americans?  Consider visiting a museum with displays of early settlements.  Look at the exhibits from the perspective of Native Americans. 
National Family Literacy Month--What book have you read recently?  What book have you read someone in your household?  What have others read?  Consider having each family member share about a favorite part of a book read.
Picture Book Month–I’m writing a picture book idea for each day in November.  It’s called PiBoIdMo and organized by Tara Lazar.  Maybe you’d like to try it or like to read a picture book a day for a month.

Special Days in November:

Sesame Street Day: 10--How many Sesame Street characters can you name?

Origami Day: 11--Learn how to fold paper this special way.  Libraries have books on origami and most likely you can find videos online.

Veterans Day: 11–Will you visit a grave, attend a parade, honor a veteran in some way?

Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day: 14–Most of us could use a day of less stress.  What could you do to loosen up or lighten up today?

National American Teddy Bear Day: 14–Recall a favorite childhood memory that includes a teddy bear.

I Love to Write Day: 15–What do you like to write?

National Day of Play: 15–If you were to visit a playground today, what would you like to play?  What about a child you know?

Guinness World Record Day: 15--Always a popular book with kids.  Do you know any world records you could share with someone?

Use Less Stuff Day: 20–What about cleaning out a drawer, closet, or shelf today?

World Television Day: 21–My brother cried when he had to start school because he would miss “I Love Lucy.”  What stories do you remember based on TV shows?

Mother Goose Day: 23–Pick a nursery rhyme and say it aloud.  If it gets stuck in your head, share it with someone else.  Better than spreading gossip. 😉

International Hat Day: 25–My husband just bought two new hats?  When was the last time you bought one?  Where did you wear it?

National Day of Listening: 27--Try harder to really listen.

Thanksgiving Day: 27--Where will you be and with whom?  Give thanks for all your blessings!


Special Weeks in November:

World Kindness Week: 10-16--Think of kind things you can do each day of this week and do them.

National Young Reader’s Week: 10-14 –These last three remind me of the value of a good education and the part books play.  Check out books with the kids you love.

American Education Week: 17-21

National Book Awards Week: 17-21


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If you haven’t registered for the book giveaway, check the guest post by Jennifer Larson for details.  You’ll be glad you did.

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12 Responses to “Is It Already the Second Week in November?”

  1. it’s funny you mentioned today’s “Family Circus,” Linda, Because I almost included that in my first Facebook post today, but couldn’t remember which comic strip it came from. Dale’s theory about the way time moves for adults versus children, is that adults have a longer time frame with which to judge speed than children do.
    Good post, as usual.

  2. Kathleen said

    Linda, I read that comic today too and laughed. What different perspectives adults and children seem to have! On Veterans day I will be thankful for all the veterans and what they have done for our country. I will also be celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday–a milestone she thought was taking forever to happen back when she was 10. To me it is a blink of an eye…

    • Kathy,
      Seems like this comic was a favorite for several of my friends. On Veterans Day, which also happens to be your daughter’s birthday, you’ll be reminded again of the different perspective you and your daughter share on the passage of time. Try to see if from her perspective and ask if she can see it from yours. Thanks for being a faithful follower of this blog. I also enjoy your comments.

  3. Oh no! Linda, I didn’t see my birthday on your list. 😦

  4. Tim,
    November 4 was a good day for a birthday. I wish I had remembered. We could have voted you in for some political office. Maybe “Mayor Over Birthday Recognitions” or something like that. Your birthday balloons are personalized and on their way. Gaze into them and you’ll see reflections of your best memories. Better than receiving a world-famous greeting card.

  5. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Thanks for the notes about Christmas coming soon. The town of Pineville has its Christmas lights up. The flyers in the newspapers have Christmas trees and gifts portrayed in them.

    May your Christmas be the best ever!

    Celebrate you today.
    Never Give Up

    • Joan,
      I noticed a Christmas wreath above the entrance to Food Lion on Friday. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Pineville, NC and other towns. Shopping flyers are definitely full of gift ideas too. Thanks for the warm Christmas wishes. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. I treasure your friendship. I am rich indeed.

  6. Being around a five year old and a 2 1/2 year old is a great way of seeing things from a different perspective–and it’s fun too! A big box in my playroom has already become a ship and a place to hide from coyotes. I’m looking forward to learning more from them! 😉

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