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Thankful for the Kids on the Playground and the SCBWI-C Group

Posted by lindamartinandersen on November 18, 2014

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Microsoft Word Clipart--2014

Microsoft Word Clipart–2014

“Thankful for the Kids on the Playground and the SCBWI-C Group.”


It’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’m counting my blessings…

Kids on the playground call out, “Thanks for pushing me (on the swings).”  I echo  that: “Thanks for pushing me (with my writing).

Kids on the playground say,  “Whee!  This is fun.”  I echo that.  Probably only writers and illustrators get that one.  😉

Kids on the playground ask, “Wanna play ball?”  I echo that:  “Wanna  play (swap stories?)”

Kids on the playground squeal with delight when their team scores a point.  I echo that.  Our hurrahs and congratulations fill the listserv.

Kids on the playground ask, “Can you show me how to do that?”  I echo that.  I’ve learned so much from this group.

Thank you kids that inspire and SCBWI-C members that encourage and motivate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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14 Responses to “Thankful for the Kids on the Playground and the SCBWI-C Group”

  1. Kathleen said

    Linda, kids on the playground say, “Let’s do that again!” I love returning to read your blog posts, getting together with fellow writers/illustrators, learning as much about the craft as my little noggin will hold, and of course sharing their success’! Thank you Linda!

    • Yes, kids do say, “Let’s do that again!” Thanks for commenting about all we have in common with kids on the playground. Isn’t life fun, if we see it through the eyes of kids? I’m so glad you enjoy playing here and with all the SCBWI-C members wherever you meet.

  2. I love your thankful spirit!

  3. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    You are so sweet! We love coming to play with you at your writer’s playground. It’s a fun place to laugh, sing, and play while we write! Thank you for being there to encourage and entertain us to keep us going. You are a blessing.

    Never Give Up

  4. Oh yeah. Lot’s of good comparisons. Also, kids on the playground play, “let’s pretend.” Which is something every writer needs to do when imagining her story! 🙂

  5. Children see things in new and refreshing ways. They give me and other authors SO many ideas to write about. I am grateful for my years of teaching and being a mother and grandmother.

    I am grateful for the friendships and collaboration with fellow writers I have met through SCBWI.

    That reminds me to keep on writing and aspiring.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    • Janis,
      So glad you reminded us that kids see things in new and refreshing ways. So true. I’m glad this conversation has led you to keep writing and aspiring. Thanks for sharing some of the many things you’re thankful for. Great to hear your thoughts.

  6. Linda, what a fun piece! I love these comparisons – especially for children’s writers. Having worked with school kids all of my life, I know that they also never want their play time to end. And, for me, that is also true!

    • Ann,
      That’s a good one. Definitely don’t want the play time to end. I’ll second that. Thanks for commenting. A great addition to the conversation. Thanks for being a faithful follower too. Wishing you a writing journey that continues to be play time.

  7. You’re such a kid-at-heart! Love it. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. We had our in October. 🙂

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