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Seventy-five is Five Fifteens

Posted by lindamartinandersen on January 11, 2015

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074“Seventy-five is Five Fifteens” by Linda Martin Andersen

I have a good friend who turns seventy-five-years-old today.  Happy birthday, to my unnamed friend.  She remains unnamed because a lady never shares a friend’s age.  I hope the birthday girl enjoys my silly take on turning seventy-five and that she and other readers will play along with me.  Here goes…

Clip art sample 2015

Clip art sample 2015


Seventy-five is five fifteens.  75=15+15+15+15+15

Brain Teaser for Today:  Which is harder–turning seventy-five or living the life of five fifteen year olds? Don’t answer too hastily.

What are fifteen-year-olds like, you may ask.  Sorry, but thinking back on your life at fifteen doesn’t cut it.  Today’s fifteen-year-old is different.  And remember we’re talking about living the life of FIVE fifteen-year olds.

Questions to consider before answering this brain teaser:

Which name would you prefer to be called:  a teenager or a senior citizen?  Both get a bad rap at times, especially from comedians.  Furthermore, most of us have made cracks about their driving skills.  One group gets discounts more than the other.  Which one?

Which carries more weight? (meaning influence, not pounds)  One seventy-five-year-old or five fifteen-year olds?  Depends on the market.  For example, AARP has little interest in teens, while fashion designers probably have little interest in catering to seniors.

What about being compared to a century? (100 years)  When a reporter is sent out to find the secret of longevity, who would he prefer to interview?  Someone who has lived 3/4 of a century or five teens who have each lived 1/15 of a century?

Which would you rather bake?  Five birthday cakes or one?  (assuming all five teens share the same birthday and are celebrating together).  Either way, you need a total of seventy-five candles, unless you use numbered ones.  In that case, ironically, there is more need for the Fire Department to be on standby for the teens’ cakes. 

Who would you rather feed?  Five fifteen-year-olds or one seventy-five-year-old?  In my mind, there’s no contest on that one. 😉

Do you have other questions to add?

Want to know more about fifteen-year-olds?  Check these topics:

Diet, exercise, stress:


Social and Emotional Development:


Once again, the Brain Teaser for Today is:  Which is harder–turning seventy-five or living the life of five fifteen year olds?

Want a different challenge? 

  • Writers need to know their audience.  Please share tips for creating strong teen characters in stories.
  • If you’re a teen, please share character traits you like to read about in books.
  • Share an experience from when you were 15.

Thanks to readers of all ages for joining the fun and helping me celebrate my friend’s birthday.  A celebration like no other! 

I look forward to your comments.  Come again soon and bring a friend.

I’d like to add an extra special birthday wish for my good friend!  I hope she enjoys her birthday tribute. 

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10 Responses to “Seventy-five is Five Fifteens”

  1. Ha ha, Linda, what a fun post. First, please tell your friend she should be proud she’s 75. There’s no way I would want to be 15 again. I am very happy in my wrinkling skin. As. a senior, I am wiser, and I get discounts at the local store. And I don’t bake, so I’m off the hook on the cake thingy. I prefer a store bought chocolate-peanut butter ice cream cake. 🙂

    • Tracy,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It’s Joan York Edwards’ birthday today. She said there was no need to keep it secret. She also said that she is proud to be alive.

      I’m glad you’re happy in your skin and its wrinkles. I don’t want to be 15 again either. I love the sound of your birthday cake choice. Sounds like a giant creamy, frozen, Reese’s peanut butter cup! Yum!

      Thanks for joining the birthday post fun. You know how to make a party fun!

  2. FUn post, Linda. I definitely think 5 15 year olds are more trouble than 1 75-year-old–but as to which is harder to live…my guess it’s the 5 15 year-olds!

  3. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Sweet Linda,
    Thank you for creating a blogpost to celebrate my birthday! I am so happy and proud to be 75 and alive. Thinking of myself as 5 fifteen year olds is an intriguing proposition! When I was 15, I helped my Mother care for my new baby sister, Janet Susan Meyer. I enjoyed dancing and music and loved learning new things. I am proud of all the people I’ve met and the things I have learned. God has blessed me with traveling my life’s journey with many wonderful and talented people. I am so blessed that God had both of us to be in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – Carolinas group email. That’s where we met each other in August of 2005! Once we started emailing, then we met at the Charlotte SCBWI-Carolinas Conference in Charlotte. And the rest is history and wonderfulness.

    I remember when you came early to help me set up the house to celebrate my Mother’s 90th birthday in January, 2007.
    I remember your reading my blog and leaving a comment for every post since October 9, 2009.
    I remember you and Scotty coming to help me celebrate my 70th birthday at a party that Lorrie and Mollie gave me.
    I remember praying for you and for Scotty when he was so sick and needed a lung transplant.
    I remember praying that God bless you and Scotty with the right people, knowledge, and skills to help you assist Scotty.
    I remember praying that God bless Scotty with life.
    I remember when both of us grieved over losing our friend Maureen Wartski.
    I remember the fun blog posts you publish to help people remember to play.
    This August will be our tenth year anniversary of friendship. Thank you, Linda Martin Andersen for being you.
    Creative, loving, caring, intelligent, sharing, frugal, creative, ambitious, one who meets her goals, and my best friend.


    Do something fun today to help me celebrate!

    Love, Joan

    • Ah ha, Joan, you came out of hiding and revealed your awesome age. What touching comments you left for Linda. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! … and here’s to another 75 years.

    • Joan,
      I was trying to make your day and you have turned it around and made mine!!! Thank you. Being a friend of yours is a pleasure, being your best friend is a small taste of heaven. Thank you for your kind response to my birthday blog for you. Together, we have created many special memories. I’m thankful for each one.

      Even at fifteen, you were caring for others. Not self-centered one bit. Why am I not surprised? Because, I know your kind heart! Happy birthday, special lady!

  4. Happy birthday to you, Joan. I’m only a year and a couple of months behind you, m’dear.
    I love your quiz question, Linda. I think I’d rather be 75 than have to suffer through all the turmoil of being 15 again. Even the popular, confident modern 15 year olds have too much stimulus besieging them. They may seem set for life by their peers, but most “model” teens don’t feel the confidence they project to others. Here’s to staying healthy and active until the end. Sarah

    • Sarah,
      I agree with you. I don’t want to be 15 again either. Images can be deceiving, can’t they? You’re right–most teens need confidence building.

      Healthy and active years to come sounds awesome.

      I’m glad you liked the brain teaser and gave it a whirl!

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