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March 21–International Day of Forests

Posted by lindamartinandersen on March 21, 2015

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074 “March 21–International Day of Forests” with guest blogger, Tim Livingston.

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather hear discuss International Day of Forests than Tim Livingston.  He’s the forester artist who blogs here:  http://theforesterartist.com/

Here’s Tim with lots to share…

International Day of Forests


International Day of Forests is a day designated by the United Nations to promote the importance of trees and forests in our lives.  A worthy cause in my book for sure.  In the United State we’re fortunate to have a mature forestry profession.  I feel blessed to be a part of it.


In contemplating what this day means to me, I reflect back on experiences that I’ve had. I have only practiced forestry in the United State, but I’ve had opportunities to interact with forestry professionals from other countries a few times during my career.


Once, we were visited by a group of forestry professionals from Mexico. They toured our facilities and our woods operations. It was a positive experience for them and I hope they gained knowledge from us that they were able to put to good use. I’ve also had opportunity to tour a Mexican manufacturing facility during my tenure. It has been enlightening to see how things are done by our southern neighbor.


We were also visited by a New Zealand forester who came to instruct us in the fine art of pruning conifers to enhance wood quality. It sounds simple enough, but the New Zealanders had developed pruning to a fine art. We learned a lot that we put into practice in our own forests.

Sharing forestry knowledge across borders benefits us all. Even when we think we are ones teaching, we are also learning.


I was at Humboldt State University as a student when I had my most memorable international forestry moment. We were visited by a forestry exchange student from a Central American country. He was taking forestry classes for one quarter at HSU. I can’t remember which country he was from, but he had never been this far north. It was a cold December day when a student walked into the Forestry Building lounge and announced it was snowing. Our exchange student bolted for the door. Snow doesn’t fall in Arcata very often. It’s a low elevation coastal town. We students got up to go see the snow. When we stepped outside, here was our exchange student standing in the middle of the street spinning around with his arms and tongue out catching snowflakes. He was so excited and told us he had never seen snow before. It was a moment. The moment really had nothing to do with forestry, except that it was forestry that brought us all together.



It’s International Day of Forests, so hug a tree. Then tell it thank you for all the wonderful things trees provide for us. The world would be a lot less comfortable and beautiful without trees.

Thanks so much, Tim Livingston for all you do to keep our forests healthy and beautiful.  Happy International Day of Forests, everyone!

Readers, if you’ve ever observed forests in other countries, I hope you will comment on how they are like your own and how they are different.

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16 Responses to “March 21–International Day of Forests”

  1. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    This is a great blog post interview of Tim Livingston. Tim, on behalf of all of your fellow Americans, I thank you and all of the people throughtout our world who take care of our forests! I appreciate you very much. Trees give us oxygen and many useful items. I’d rather people not cut down so many trees in our cities and suburbs.

    Linda and Tim, please celebrate you.
    Never Give Up

  2. Joan,
    I love that this day is celebrated on the first day of spring. Very appropriate, I think. I’m glad you enjoyed Tim’s guest blog post. He’s terrific! Thank goodness for our grand forests! And thank you for your technical support earlier. Hat’s off to you!

  3. Deanna Klingel said

    I’m a tree lover, so I enjoyed this post. Will you be attending Write 2Ignite?

    Sent from my iPad


    • Deanna,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for commenting. I’m a tree lover too. Glad to know we have that in common. No, I’m not attending Write2Ignite this year. Maybe next year. I hope you have a great time, if you’re going.

  4. lovely blog. Will pass it along to my daughter–a fellow tree hugger!

    • Thanks Carol. I appreciate your comments. I really enjoy Tim Livingston’s posts. I was thrilled when he agreed to be guest blogger. Thanks for passing this along to your daughter. Maybe she’ll decide to follow Tim’s blog. He’s an interesting guy!

  5. So sorry I missed celebrating “The International Day of Forests”. Tim, I learned a few more things about trees I didn’t know. Belated, International Day of Forests, day. I’ll have to go hug a tree when the snow melts. We got blasted yesterday with more snow. And it’s so very cold. Brrr. 🙂

    • Oh no, not more snow! Enjoy hugging that tree when the time is right. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting and planning to participate later! 😉 Forests appreciate positive attention any time.

  6. Thank you Linda for the opportunity to be your guest blogger!

  7. Reblogged this on THE FORESTER ARTIST and commented:
    Linda Martin Andersen invited me to write a guest blog. Come check it out!

  8. Kathleen said

    Linda, thank you for featuring Tim, I love his photography!

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