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Specialty Schools We Wish Existed

Posted by lindamartinandersen on March 27, 2015

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Can you tell that Rebecca Van Slyke’s newly released MOM SCHOOL gets an A+ for Absolute Adorableness? Trust me, it does. As the story goes, the little cutie-pie kiddo imagines that her mother learned all of her wonderful mom-like skills in Mom School. There might be a few things she wished her mom didn’t learn, too. Well, it got us EMUs imagining different kinds of wacky specialty school ideas.

So, here ya go. Specialty schools we wish existed:

Rebecca Van Slyke, our spotlight debut author, would choose a specialty school sure to save marriages and general sanity:             “I would so sign up for a remote control school. On our coffee table we have—no lie—SEVEN remote controls. Here’s my husband “teaching” me how to start a movie:         

                  “Okay, it’s really easy. All…

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8 Responses to “Specialty Schools We Wish Existed”

  1. Love this. How about one on how to be a grandparent? Good enough to love the kiddos, not spoil them too much, and not get in “trouble’ with their parents!

    • Carol,
      I think you’re qualified to lead a specialty school for grandparents! I’m imagining your requesting tips from fellow writers who are grandparents. I also see you combining those tips to develop a local workshop or a series of blog posts on the topic! I bet all the SCBWI-C members would agree with me. You could do it!

      Thanks for participating here! This was fun!

  2. The artwork caught my eye immediately. Love it, and what a great concept. Thanks for sharing, Linda. 🙂

  3. How about a school where teachers re treated well? Lunchtime massages, especially massage of the feet or neck, would be a real perk.
    Volunteer paper graders would also be on my wish list.

    Schools should have trampolenes to let the kids release excess energy or angst.

    Above all children and teachers should be treated with respect. Then, the sky is the limit,as far as learning goes.

    • Janis,
      What a great specialty school idea. Teacher Appreciation, respect, and fun all year long. Massages and paper graders are definitely awesome items for a wish list. Thanks so much for sharing! I like the way you think!

  4. Kathleen said

    Linda, thank you for sharing this post. It was very entertaining 🙂 Rebecca’s book looks adorable!

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