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I Love You, Blog Followers

Posted by lindamartinandersen on February 8, 2016

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074  “I Love You, Blog Followers,” by Linda Martin Andersen

Trying new things is fun.  In January, I accepted a blog challenge to jot something down each day and post it.  This was organized by Linda G. Hill.


I don’t know how people create blog posts every day of the year, but evidently a good many do.  The first one I remember meeting was Joy Acey at “Poetry for Kids Joy”who posts an original poem a day.  See here:


Thanks to reading blog posts I had never visited before,  I recently added additional blog followers.  I wanted to show my appreciation to them,  to my loyal followers for several years, and all those inbetween.  This is for you:


22 Responses to “I Love You, Blog Followers”

  1. Linda, what a beautiful poster you created! I’m glad you’re not posting everyday, you tired me out in January. LOL. I love you too, my friend. 😊

  2. Shucks Linda!

  3. I love my followers too!! thanks for being one of my faithful followers!

  4. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Without blog followers, we bloggers would be very lonely. I’m honored to be one of your many blog followers. You fill our world with fun ways to celebrate and enjoy knowing you and being ourselves.

    Never Give Up

    • Thanks for saying you’re honored to be one of my blog followers and that you find fun ways to celebrate at my blog. I’m so happy that you are one of my followers and a great friend too. Thank you again!

  5. I’d like to share a meditation,”A Valentine for the World,” with our bloggers. Pass it on. Happy I’d like to share a meditation with readers.HappyValentine’s Day.

    A Valentine for the World
    How can you create love?
    Share love?
    Live in a caring world?
    Gently close your eyes.
    Breathe in slowly, rhythmically.
    Feel your belly rise and fall.
    Focus on your breath.
    Sense your breathing getting slower.
    Be aware of your limbs softening.
    Allow your neck muscles to relax.
    Observe your heart beating gently.
    Picture light entering you through your feet.
    Sense your feet and ankles relaxing.
    See the light traveling up your legs, knees and thighs.
    Feel your legs letting go of tension.
    Watch the light move through your pelvis to your abdomen.
    Sense these areas softening.
    Now the light moves to your heart.
    It fills your heart with loving warmth.
    Let the light rest here while you breathe deeply.
    Allow the light and love to move as one.
    Visualize caressing energy spreading up your shoulders,
    down your arms to your fingers.
    Watch passionate affection travel up your neck,
    Through your head, mouth, nose, eyes
    Forehead and crown.
    Observe this force passing through your mind and spirit.
    Watch as it moves back to your heart center.
    Place your hands across your heart.
    Picture and sense love completely filling your heart.
    Breathe in the feeling of adoration and affection.
    Breathe out this passionate vitality.
    Allow love to permeate your tissues, your cells.
    Breathe gently as you observe this phenomenon.
    Observe this energy Infusing your body and mind.

    It is time to prepare for meditation.
    Picture love permeating your mind,
    Your soul and your body.
    Now that your heart and body are filled with affection,
    It is time to share your love.
    Visualize this passionate force surrounding your,
    Family and friends.
    Encircle those who bring conflict to your life.
    As you shine love and light around them,
    Send them good wishes.
    Try to picture these individuals with affection in your heart.
    You may wish to extend your loving vitality to world
    figures and world conflicts.

    Continue to wrap yourself in a blanket of passionate affection.
    Sense it flowing through your body.
    Observe the reactions in your body.
    What changes are happening?
    Make note of your breathing.
    Pay attention to other changes.
    How does this Valentine meditation affect your thinking?
    Your mood and your spirit?
    Sit quietly.
    Enjoy this meditation for about ten minutes.

    When you are ready to awaken,
    Stretch your limbs, take a deep
    Breath and open your eyes.
    Consider how this imagery is powerful
    and life-changing.
    Include several ways you can create love for
    Yourself and for others.
    Select one thing you can do today to generate this
    Positive force.
    Draw or write about this meditation experience
    Pause while you reflect and write.
    When you have finished drawing or writing,
    Share your observations with a friend.

    Try doing the Valentine meditation
    Daily for several weeks or longer.
    See how this love imagery changes
    You and your relationships.
    Share the Valentine meditation with others.
    Spread love and good wishes.
    Suggest that others do the same.
    Observe as the positive energy brings
    Peace and good will to one life at a time.
    Imagine what it may do collectively!
    On Valentine’s Day and every day,
    Fill yourself with love.
    Share it with others.

    Copyright, 2016, Janis L. SilvermanSoothe Body and Mind

  6. Kathleen said

    Love you, Linda and have been enjoying your January dailies 🙂 your blog always brings a smile to my face!

  7. I’m visiting for the first time but have followed you for a bit longer. It’s good to be here and thank you for all the likes and comments!

  8. lorigreer said

    Very nice message!

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