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E is for Empty, Half Empty…(Part 1 of 2)

Posted by lindamartinandersen on April 6, 2016

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Gas Gauge--full view. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Gas Gauge–full view. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

E is for Empty, Half Empty…(Part 1 of 2)

We all know the expression “Is the glass half full or half empty?”  Today, I’d like you to focus on “E–E is for Empty, Half Empty.”

What does empty look like in your life?  Half empty?

What helps you move beyond this point?

Some people’s circumstances appear to be half empty at best and yet they seem happy or are doing their best to get on with their life.  What’s their secret?

Yesterday, I observed someone at the gym who was blind being led about by someone else.  This young gentleman didn’t leave the impression that he’d been blind all his life.  He kept his hands on a young lady’s shoulders as she directed him to the next piece of exercise equipment.  She set the time and other settings on the machine for him.  I wondered, was he blinded in military combat?  He was young and of strong build.  He could be military; after all, I do live near an Army base.  No matter what led him to this place and stage of his life, I could not think on him as Empty or even Half Empty.  His circumstances, yes; but him, no.  This image will remain strong in my mind.  My hope is to take lessons learned and apply them to my life as well.

E is for Effort

The young man and woman mentioned above definitely deserve an “E” for effort.

Tell me of a time you or someone you know has shown “E” for effort, even though circumstances appeared to be empty or half empty.

What “E” words come to mind for you? I hope you’ll share why they’re special to you.

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25 Responses to “E is for Empty, Half Empty…(Part 1 of 2)”

  1. Gretchen said

    One of my fourth grade students came to me all upset about another student calling her names. “He said the E word,” she told me. In my mind I went through all the e words I could think of and couldn’t figure out what she was telling me. She must have noticed my perplexed look because she leaned close to me and said, “He called me an idiot!”

    • Gretchen,
      I loved this! I hope you’re keeping a collection of things students said or did to put in an e-book or publish in some other way. Precious! So glad my post stirred this great memory.

  2. Yesterday I was on the golf course with a man who used a cane to walk up to the tee box. But boy, could he hit the ball! Looked like he might have had polio or cerebral palsy, but he reminds me of the guy you saw at the gym. Contentment and praising the Lord in all circumstances–that’s how we can keep from running on empty!

    • Carol,
      I appreciate the example you shared. The gentleman was probably thankful to be able to play! I agree with your way to keep from running on empty. No matter what, find a reason to praise the Lord. Thanks so much for adding your thoughts on how to keep positive.

  3. Perspective determines so much! Beautifully said!

  4. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    E stands for Excellence…your blog is filled with pure excellence.

    Love, Joan

  5. Bee Halton said

    My word was E-Reader over at “Just Fooling Around With Bee” but your ” half empty – half full” approach is ingenious!!!!! I let be the post

  6. One of my favorite E-words is eclectic. When it comes to music, books, and art, I love variety. 🙂

  7. My mother was a good example of someone of could have been empty, but chose to fill herself up. In 1934, she lost her the older of her two brothers and in 1944 she lost her husband and her father, victims of WWII. She gave us love and strong beliefs, along a abiding love of books and the arts.
    As Laura said, “eclectic” is a wonderful word, as are exhilarating, emotional, exasperated and expressive. Thanks for your always fun and thought-provoking blog, Linda.

    • Sarah, you definitely had a mother who ran on Full even when the world judged her situation as less than that. That’s what made you into the wonderful person you are.

      I love your “E” word choices. “E” carries some pretty impressive words!

      So glad you found this post fun and thought-provoking. Thanks for saying so.

  8. Lovely post Linda. You have shown perfectly that the way you look at life determines your happiness as you go through it. I don’t have an e word that is a favourite but I do like the sound of ecclesiastical.

    • Irene,
      I appreciate your kind words about my blog post. You are right, it does matter how we look at things.

      As for “E” words–some words are just fun to say. Thanks for sharing one you especially like.

  9. E is also for energy. Easch of us has an energy field around us. We give of energy to share with others and the world. That can be positive or negative.
    When we consciously give love we really share the best we have to give to anyone who encounters us.

    • Yes, Janice! Positive energy is what we need to share–especially love. Such great points. I’m so glad you shared them. I know your presence in my life has been one of positive energy. Thank you!

  10. I see it in my daugher everyday. She is my only surving triplet. They had meningitis when they were very young and her two sisters died. The antibiotics caused her to lose her hearing. She is profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other. In the ear with profound loss she has a cochlea implant that she received at about age 3, and in the other ear she has a hearing aid. She has never ever treated her hearing loss as a disability. She is a junior in high school at a regular school, is in the magnet, honors program. She is a varsity cheerleader, has been on the homecoming court all three years of high school and was just elected to prom court. She was freshman class president, but didn’t win her sophomore year. I assumed she wouldn’t run her junior year since the same girl was running against her, but no, she didn’t take the easy way out and she ran against the incumbent. She lost again. That’s why we were so surprised and delighted when both girls were 2 of 10 nominated for prom court and only 3 juniors could be selected. Blake was one of the three and the girl who beat her for president was not.
    Blake is very involved in community service and she has never been ashamed of her hearing aid or her implant. When she was little I would buy flesh colored hearing aid molds and I would try and cover the magnet on her head that attached to her implant with a bow. Once she began selecting her own styles, she picked wild colors like tye dye or School mascot colors. Or red white and blue. Sometimes she will have a peace sign or a smiley face on the cover of the magnet on her head.
    I’m so proud of her every single day. Many days I know it takes effort for her to not get upset with some of the jealous bullies. There aren’t many, but the world will always have them.

    Melissa Sugar

    • Melissa, you took this blog post to a whole different level. Bless you. Your daughter sounds like a real jewel. I’m so glad she survived and is making a positive difference in the world. You must be so proud!

  11. Linda, your empathy for this young man shone through. E for excellence of character. ❤️

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