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O is for Ottomans, Orchids, and Oxygen Tanks

Posted by lindamartinandersen on April 18, 2016

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A Writer’s Playground–a place to find wordplay, writing prompts, reasons to celebrate, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart  “O is for Ottomans, Orchids, and Oxygen Tanks” by Linda Martin Andersen

This month I’m sharing photos and blog posts from A-Z.  I’m excited about trying something new.  I hope you’ll stop by often throughout the month.

Check out the participants for the April (2016) Challenge.  There are plenty to choose from http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

O is for Ottomans

Question:  If one foot stool is called an ottoman, shouldn’t two be called ottomen? 

Answer:  No, it’s ottomans.

Another question:  Who makes these rules?


A family relative recently remodeled their family room and bought new furniture.  Their coffee table is basically an ottoman that opens like a trunk and holds throw blankets, etc.  Great idea.  In our home, we have two ottomans.  One sets on our back sunroom/porch.  During a birthday celebration, I placed that ottoman at the end of a folding table to use as a seat.  One of our grandsons spotted it and chose it instantly  Why?  It’s different–or perhaps he had some other reason. How many ottomans do you have in your house?

Ottoman--porch. Linda Martin Andersen. Copyright 2016

Ottoman–porch. Linda Martin Andersen. Copyright 2016

Ottoman--den. Copyright 2016 Linda Martin Andersen

Ottoman–den. Copyright 2016 Linda Martin Andersen


O is for Orchids

Orchid. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Orchid. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Have your ever tried something new and not been sure how you’d do?  Did you surprise yourself by doing okay?  Could you have done something better?  My example is the orchid above.  I was asked why the leaves droop.  I don’t know, but hey I got it to bloom.  First time ever!  Isn’t the orchid beautiful?

Orchid with more open blooms. Linda Martin Andersen. Copyright 2016

Orchid with more open blooms. Linda Martin Andersen. Copyright 2016


O is for Oxygen Tanks

Do you know anyone on home oxygen?  Do you know how to tell if the tanks are full or empty without putting on a regulator and reading the gauge?


Full or empty oxygen tanks? Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Full or empty oxygen tanks? Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Full tanks have a band around the top.  The two front tanks pictured here have white bands.  They are full.  The rest of the tanks are empty and are ready to be replaced when an oxygen supply technician makes a home delivery. The patient may also choose to visit the company warehouse and switch out tanks, if needed.  Do you know anyone on oxygen? Have you ever visited someone on oxygen?  Have you ever traveled in a car with someone on oxygen?  Have you ever heard oxygen tanks clang as they touch one another?  It’s a sound you’ll recognize from then on.

What “O” words come to mind for you? I hope you’ll share why they’re special to you.

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14 Responses to “O is for Ottomans, Orchids, and Oxygen Tanks”

  1. I love orchids too and the oxygen tanks are familiar–my other had them also. And the compressed in her room. O is for our omniscient God who cares for us–even down to the very hairs on our heads.

  2. O is for Oh my gosh, another wonderful blog post. O is also for octopus, octogenarian, which I will be in another 5 years, omnibus and orange, tangy-sweet and juicy. O is also for operation, and I hope Scotty’s is successful. I have several friends on oxygen and I always marvel at how much technology has advanced since I had to spend a month in an oxygen tent, back in 1944. So let me see…what P words do I know?

    • Such a sweet compliment, Sarah. I read an octopus blog post I want to share here. https://lizbrownleepoet.com/2016/04/18/o-is-for-octopus/
      I hope you’ll visit. I am amazed at the technology for oxygen needs today too. So thankful for advances. So sorry you once had to be in an oxygen tent. It must have worked super well. You are awesome and I’d never have guess you’re going to be an octogenarian five years from now. You are a model for the rest of us. Keep living life with fun in every day!

  3. Bee Halton said

    I think they just do. I can ask my friend next Monday. She loves Orchids and has lots 🙂 great post!

  4. I love these. I am learning and sharing with so many bright people!
    “O” is for optimism. We all need it, right? Some of us need more than others.
    There is NO shortage of optimism. On our darkest days, there are friends, love, nature, prayer and meditation. Optimism can always be restored. Charge yours up today. Have a great day!

  5. An ottoman is nice after standing on your feet all day. Orchards are beautiful flowers, not my favorite though. Oxygen tanks always remind me of my dad. He used one for many months until he passed away from lung cancer. It helped him with his breathing, which was a good thing. But I wish he never had to use one!

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

    • Cheryl,
      I certainly understand. The need for oxygen is not what we want to see, but it’s better than the alternative! Sorry about your dad’s passing! I appreciate you stopping in and leaving your thoughts with us! I hope you think on great memories with your dad the rest of this day and beyond.

  6. Linda, I don’t own an ottoman, we put our feet on the coffee tables. LOL Your orchid is BEAUTIFUL! I don’t have a green thumb either, nor have I been around oxygen tanks. I know you have, my dear friend. Prayed for you guys on my walk today. 🙂

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