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About Me



Hi I’m Linda.  Linda Martin Andersen.  I wear a jester’s hat on my blog.  Would you like to guess why?  Leave me your best guess on the comments below and I’ll let you know if you’re right. 

I am married and have two grown sons and two grandsons.  I live way off the highway and down a dirt driveway.  Although I live in the country, we do not have any cows or goats.   I do live on a farm, but not that kind.  It is a tree farm that is planted in pine trees.   Before I started school, my grandmother used to raise cows and I was scared of them.  If my father wanted to get me to come on to the house and I was lingering, he would call mooo.  I’d come running.

Today, I can be seen hanging out with cows–artsy ones anyway.  See here:

Meet A. Cow, an exhibit for the Cow Parade, a charity event for children’s hospitals. Photo– Fayetteville, NC, home of the Airborne. Copyright 2012 Linda Andersen.

When I was young like you, I used to play jump rope and jacks.  I could walk a barrel, but I never was very good at roller skating.  I liked to tell my mom all about my day—all about it.  I went on and on.

I have worked in several different jobs.  I even drove a school bus.  Mostly, I have been a teacher and a school counselor.  I also worked at the public library.  Now, I am an elementary school reading tutor.  Every minute that I can, I write for children.  It is the best job ever.  I write picture books, fiction and nonfiction stories and articles, teacher guides, and curriculum.  I love to go to writers’ conferences where I learn more about writing and I get to meet authors and illustrators.  To me, it’s better than meeting movie stars.

 I like to read blogs written by writers and illustrators.  Now, I am a blogger too.  I also enjoy spending time in the mountains of North Carolina, being outdoors, and of course reading and writing.

32 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ruby said

    Linda, You go girl ….I am so honored to be your friend and fellow writer. I love the hat and your blog…..One day, I will turn on the television, and there I will see Linda Anderson….Hey it may be on the Anderson Cooper show…….Then again, you may be streaming live from the farm talking to kids around the world…keep that beautiful smile and awesome hat……until we talk again.

    • Ruby,
      Thanks so much for visiting “A Writer’s Playground” and for the compliments about the blog and my jester hat. I appreciate that very much. Maybe one day we’ll be on TV together. Who knows. Keep loving life and writing. I’m entering you in the contest giveaway which is for a CD called “JOY,” whistled by Phyllis Heil, international whistling champion. Good luck!

  2. Sandy Scarboro said

    Hi Linda,
    Wow! I am so exctted for you! This is a charming site. I will spread the word among my mommy friends. May I have your autograph?


    • Sandy,
      Thanks so much for leaving such a complimentary comment. If you’ll visit the blog again at the beginning of August, you can register for a book giveaway which will be autographed by the author. I appreciate that you will pass on the word to your mommy friends. That’s what I am hoping to get more and more of.

  3. Marietta Overton said

    Yeah Linda, you are an inspiration. Your site is so cute and fun to read and get into. See you soon. – Marietta, a.k.a Georgia

  4. Jester’s hat, eh? The Dangermouse in me says Linda Martin Andersen, writer and cow-tamer extraordinaire, is a but a crafty guise, and you are in fact Esther the Polyester Jester, master of deception and banana thief. With that hat, no one would ever know it was you who emptied the fruit bowl. Of course, I could be Penfold-ingly off course. Great fun guessing, and a lovely site – one I’m going to enjoy exploring.

    • Luke,
      What a vivid imagination you have. I will keep my true identity under my hat for the moment. 😉 Thanks for following my blog and for your comments and liking the post. I look forward to visiting your site.

  5. […] About Me […]

    • Edmovia,
      Yes, yes, I’m the one. How are you? That was back in ’08. Wow! So great to hear from you! How did you find me? I remember you and how well we connected in class. You could relate to my poem about building out of salvaged lumber– reminded you of your childhood. I hope you’ll write me at landersen74@yahoo.com. Let’s catch up!

  6. Edmovia said

    There once was a barrel laugh lady
    Went by the handle of Linda A.
    She took a poetry class
    On a magical poetry bus
    Way back in the day
    The bus was driven by Melody Gough
    Are you that Linda A.?
    This Edmovian poet would love to know

    • Edmovia,
      Yes, yes, I’m the one. How are you? That was back in ’08. Wow! So great to hear from you! How did you find me? I remember you and how well we connected in class. You could relate to my poem about building out of salvaged lumber– reminded you of your childhood. I hope you’ll write me at landersen74@yahoo.com. Let’s catch up!

  7. I’m glad to meet you through your blog. I love your childlike wonderment; refreshing!

    A jest urge hat because you like to entertain?

  8. ‘Jester’ hat…

    • Emily,
      Yes, you guessed why I wear the hat. I am a retired elementary school counselor and a friend bought me this to wear when I read “The Jester Has Lost His Jingle.” She snapped my photo in the hat. I decided to keep the fun going here too! Thanks for playing along. I can tell you like to have fun too!

      • Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. I love my hat too. It was a special gift. Yours is nice as well. I think many of us are “kids at heart.” I’ll hope you’ll come again soon and comment on blog posts too.

  9. I love your hat – and like you, I love writing for children. It truly is the best job in the world – we get to give free rein to our imagination and our sense of humour, and to relive our own childhood.

    • Annabelle,
      I apologize for not noticing this comment earlier. Thanks for the compliment on the hat. It was a gift. I have discovered that one of the reasons I like writing for children is because I can create stories that I would have liked to have lived.

  10. Hi Linda, you look lovely in the jester hat. Were you telling a story to the children when you wore that hat?
    You have a very exciting childhood and rich working experiences. I’m glad to know you. I look forward to explore your works. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment. I was reading a book called “The Jester Has Lost His Jingle.” A friend said I needed a jester hat and bought me one to wear. I treasure it and her. It’s great to have met you too. Wish you all the best also.

      • If you read it, then it should be a good book. I shall check it out. Maybe I can read it to my children, nieces and nephews. Thank you, Linda. 🙂 Best wishes to you too! 🙂

      • Fun Simplicity,
        The book was written by David Saltzman, a young man who had Hodgkin Lymphoma (cancer) and died. He wrote the book prior to his death. There is a website and charity that developed from this.

  11. Bee Halton said

    Hi Linda, I could not find an email address for you. You can find the question for my interview series here http://beehalton.com/p/the-bee-talks-with.html if you could send the answers, a picture of you if you want to, book blurbs and covers that you want to have in the post and links where to purchase them and any social media links you want to include to bee.halton at gmail dot com then I can put it up soon.

  12. Your about me is quite charming and I must say glad your follow brought me here 🙂 Thank for the follow Linda 🙂 To write for the children must be such a rewarding experience 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week ahead dear 🙂

  13. Jinnette Johnson Hathaway said

    The reason you wear the jester hat is that you like to “jest” around and have fun and enjoy life!😇

    • Yes, that is true. I was given the hat because I was reading a book called THE JESTER HAS LOST HIS JINGLE to students and a friend thought I should wear a jester hat while reading the book. Cool friend, huh? Thanks for following my blog. Most appreciated.

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