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Writing Prompt: I felt (v.) like wearing my hat made of felt (n.) on Felt (adj.) Hat Day…

Posted by lindamartinandersen on September 15, 2013

“Writing Prompt:  I felt (v.) like wearing my hat made of felt (n.) on Felt (adj.) Hat Day …” by Linda Martin Andersen

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September 15, 2013 is Felt Hat Day.  September is Fall Hat Month.

Hats off to this month and to all who wear hats!  Robin Hood comes to mind.  Others too.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

To celebrate Felt Hat Day and Fall Hat Month, fantasize about wearing a felt hat alongside a famous person or book character who wears one.  Then, complete the suggested writing prompt about your fictional experience.  If you have a favorite character who wears a straw hat, a ball cap, or some other type hat, substitute that instead.

Step one:  Brainstorm the names of famous people or book characters who wear felt hats:  Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Riddler and Penguin (Batman villains), Captain Jack Sparrow (johnny Depp), Billy the Kid, Abraham Lincoln, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), etc.

Step two:  Choose the name of a character who wears a felt hat and pretend to spend time with him/her while wearing your own felt hat.  Complete the writing prompt below.  Include as many words beginning with “f” as you can. (alliteration)

Step three:  Please share your completed statement in the comment section below.

Writing Prompt:  I felt like wearing my hat made of felt on Felt Hat Day…

Sample:  I felt (v.) like wearing my hat made of felt (n.) on Felt (adj.) Hat Day… while fantasizing about fighting alongside Robin Hood and Friar Tuck.

**BONUS:  Create a writing prompt of your own about hats. **

How did I come up with this writing prompt? 

I thought:  What can I do for Felt Hat Day.  My answer:  I’m going to wear a felt hat for Felt Hat Day.  If someone asks me WHY, I can say, “I felt like wearing a felt hat on Felt Hat Day.  Using “felt” as a verb, noun, and an adjective all in the same sentence, gave me pleasure.  Wordplay is fun.  It also tickled me to respond to WHY with “I felt like it” as a come back.  That’s like answering WHY with BECAUSE.

More About Felt.  More About Hats…

How is Felt Made?  To learn more, check here: 


To learn more about felt hats, check the video links below:

How Are Felt Hats Made?



What is a Fur Felt Hat?


An Amazing Hat Trick–It Pops Back in Shape

Crushable felt hats can be flattened, rolled, and packed in a suit case and still pop back in shape.  Watch this video.  http://www.villagehatshop.com/mens_crushable.html

Making Your Own Felt Hat–Peter Pan Hat (works as Robin Hood Hat too)


Famous Characters Who Wear Felt Hats (Bowler Style)


Can You Wear a Hat Well?  These People Do:


Why is There an X on a Hat?


I tip my hat to you, readers.  For A List of Idioms About Hats, check here:


Thanks for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Enjoy wordplay about hats today.  I look forward to reading your writing sample or comment.  Come again soon.  Bring a friend.

Copyright © 2013 Linda Martin Andersen

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