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Our Annual Hayride–A Fall Family Tradition

Posted by lindamartinandersen on October 22, 2012

 “Our Annual Hayride–A Fall Family Tradition”

“A Writer’s Playground” promotes kid-friendly family fun.  Today, I’d like to share a story with you.  It’s the story of our annual hayride.

Six years ago or so, our son decided to take his family to a commercial hayride.  The outing didn’t go well due to faulty farm equipment.  Everyone left disappointed.  Our son left determined to find quality family-friendly fun.  Next, he approached us about having a hayride on the family “farm.”  Our son owns a tractor, which he inherited from his grandfather.  We have a trailer.  Our son and his wife have two young sons.  Toss in a little hay and poof–instant hayride.  That first year, our hayride was pretty much that simple.  We invited a few guests, set out some decorations (not scary) and a table with hot chocolate and snacks.  Thus, the tradition began.  The next year, more family members, co-workers, their children, and friends were invited.  Additional decorations were added.  Today, we’re up to 50-60 in attendance each year.

There’s no admission charge, although this year, my husband did try to collect hands.  Uugh! 

Admission–One Hand. Copyright 2012. Linda Andersen

Most everyone brings treats to share, not hands.  Many come decked out in Halloween costumes.  Everyone takes a hayride, or two, or more.  Some help drive the tractor, under expert supervision of course.  Youngsters play kickball, roll down the hill, or jump out at the trailer as it passes.  One year, there were horse rides.  This year, there was a trailer pulled by a four wheeler.  It’s a day everyone looks forward to. 

Little Scarecrow–Hayride. Copyright 2012. Linda Andersen

Spiders Join In. Copyright 2012. Linda Andersen

Hayride on the Go. Copyright 2012. Linda Andersen

What traditions does your family have that will always be special to you?  Please write a comment and let others hear your creative ideas.  You may persuade someone to try something  new and increase their family traditions.  Have fun making wonderful memories! 

Copyright © 2012 Linda Martin Andersen

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