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Easter in the Hospital

Posted by lindamartinandersen on March 16, 2016


A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074  A Writer’s Playground–a place to find wordplay, writing
prompts, reasons to celebrate, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those
young at heart.  “Easter in the Hospital” by Linda Martin Andersen

The Youth at our church will soon prepare Easter baskets for children in the hospital.  Donated items are being collected to fill baskets.  Last year, the youth group filled 30 baskets.  This year they hope to meet or possibly surpass that goal.  A fun-filled afternoon is planned for Palm Sunday following a covered dish meal.  This good will gesture will bring joy to many sick children away from home.

Being in the hospital is difficult any time of year.  Hospital stays are hard on the patient as well as the family.  Even grown-ups look for entertainment during long hours there, if it’s just a trip to the snack machine or a walk around the halls.  The last time I stayed with a hospitalized family member, I observed that disposable medication cups reminded me of break-apart plastic eggs.   I started saving some and I now I’d like to share my project with you.  Check the photo below to find the two med cup eggs pictured here.  Not exactly egg shaped and they’re held together with bandage wrap tape, but an idea was born out of a need for creativity and humor during a stressful time.

Find the Med Cup Eggs. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Find the Med Cup Eggs. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Another simple medicine cup Easter craft would be to transform these into miniature baskets.  Perhaps a pipe cleaner could be used for a handle or wired craft ribbon.  I hope you never find yourself celebrating Easter from a hospital bed, but find a way to have some fun if you do.

Our grandsons came to visit at the hospital and proved that creative play can exist, no matter where you are.  They wadded up colored newspaper ads and tossed them at the waste basket.  Sometimes they’d toss to the ceiling and dunk it into the trashcan below.  Sometimes, balls whirled across the room, almost like a snowball fight.  A trashcan target was placed on either side of the room.  Later, when I told my niece about the boys’ playfulness, she spoke her wise wisdom of 16 years, “Boys can make a ball out of anything.  Even a string. ”  LOVED it!

Writing Prompts:

  1. Have you ever been hospitalized?  Name things that helped cheer you up.
  2. What do you think makes the best gifts for someone in the hospital?  Why?
  3. Tell about a time you cheered up someone who was sick.
  4. Tell about a time someone surprised you with something very nice.
  5. When you were worried about someone who was sick, what helped you stay calm?
  6. How can you  shine where you are?
  7. What do you see around you that can bring joy in some small way?
  8. Name some simple joys you can bring to others.
  9. What do you think:  Can boys make a ball out of anything?
  10. What will you do this Easter season that you’d like to share with others?

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend. Please leave a comment about Easter or hospital stays.  Remember that children 13 and under need an adult to comment for them.  For more fun, sign up to follow my blog.  Thank you!


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Potty Humor

Posted by lindamartinandersen on February 4, 2016

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074

“A Writer’s Playground”–A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.”

“Potty Humor” by Linda Martin Andersen

Yesterday, I found three examples of Potty Humor.

  1. Riding down the highway I travel often, I noticed a young long leaf pine.  It reminded me of toilet bowl bristles and I giggled.  “A toilet bowl brush for a giant toilet,” I thought.
  2. Almost immediately after that, I stopped for a traffic light behind a septic tank truck for portable toilets.  It’s motto:  We’re #1 in the #2 business.  Another good laugh.
  3. My third discovery:  A blog post by John Holton.  Read here:


I also recently wrote about the “magic of threes.”  https://lindamartinandersen.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/just-jot-it-january-25-prestidigitation/

Who would have thought “the magic of threes” would lead to three examples of potty humor in one day?  Do you look for examples of threes?  I like to see what things stand out to me as I go about my day.  Yesterday, it was potty humor.  Tell about one of your humorous discoveries.

Writing Prompts:

  1. Do you enjoy reading “potty humor?”  Tell about a book, comic strip, cartoon, etc. you found funny.
  2. Is potty humor only for kids?  Why or why not?
  3. Do you have a funny family story you can share about potty humor?
  4. What is #2 business?  Does your family use this term?
  5. Write a riddle or joke about potty humor.  My attempt…

Riddle #1:  What do long leaf pines and toilet brushes have in common? 

Answer:  Bristles.

Riddle #2:  What is the best room to read potty humor if you’re on a diet?

Answer:  The kitchen.  The jokes will kill your appetite.

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend. Please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating today.  Remember that children 13 and under need an adult to comment for them.  For more fun, sign up to follow my blog.  Thank you!



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This Month’s Top Ten Recipients: All About Kids Award

Posted by lindamartinandersen on June 1, 2015

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074

 “This Month’s Top Ten Recipients: All About Kids Award” by Linda Martin Andersen. 


Sarah Swan.  She came in style on an orange and white pinto and rides away with a prize.  Sarah, please contact me by email and give me your address.  I’ll mail a copy of A Rock Can Be by Laura Purdie Salas.  It is her latest release and that’s why I chose it as a giveaway.


Everyone knows we celebrate Father’s Day on June 21, 2015.

Did you know that June 28, 2015 is America’s Kids Day? Yes it is, and that’s what inspired the theme for this month’s blog.

Here are This Month’s Top Ten Recipients: All About Kids Award (selected by me for this site only)



  1. Beautiful in Your Skin Month– I’ve described some favorite people as being beautiful inside and out.  What do you think it means to be beautiful in your own skin?  Describe what actions a person might be doing to earn this comment.  Tell about a time someone said something to you that made you feel beautiful.  What kind of beauty was it?  Physical?  Inner?  Beautiful in your own skin?  A combination of these?  Another type of beauty?  Tell us about it.
  2. National Smile Month–When you say something encouraging to someone, do you find yourself smiling?  What other things bring a smile to your face?  List as many as you can in a minute.  Chose one of the items on your list to write about.  Turn your notes into a poem or story.  Have fun!  Survey people for an hour, a day, a week.  Smile and see if they respond with a smile.  Share your results with someone.  Would you say a smile is contagious?  Why or why not?  Have you ever smiled through the pain?  What does this mean?  Tell about a time you experienced this.
  3. National Sun Safety Week:  1-8–The weather is beautiful.  The sun feels great.  Why do we need to hear something about sun safety?  What can you do to be more safe in the sun?  Intentions don’t count.  What promise will you make?  Who will hold you accountable for keeping your word?
  4. Say Something Nice Day: 1–Name something nice that was said to you today.  What nice thing can you say in the next ten minutes?  In the next hour?  Be sincere.  Count the number of nice things you hear in an hour/a day.  Where did you hear most of these?  Do you think positive things said by retail merchants should count?  Why or why not?  Does a positive comment said by a clerk make you feel good? Why do you think they make positive comments to you?  Do you think their positive comments are sincere?  Most of the time?  Some of the time?  None of the time?
  5. Positive Power of Humor and Creativity Days: 5-7–What helps you when you are feeling blue?  Does humor help?  Does it help to do something creative?  Keep your hands busy?   Give examples of how humor and creativity have had a positive influence on you. 
  6. Upsy Daisy Day: 8–Have you ever heard anyone use this expression?  How could you use it?  When turning something upright?  When helping someone out of a chair?  Other examples.  I have a friend who likes to say oopsy when a mistake happens.  What do you like to say?
  7. Family History Day: 14– Ask about your family history:  Who was it who used to work for the circus?  Who was the rodeo star? Did anyone move west by wagon train?  Was anyone a lumberjack?  A lawman?  Record what you learn.  Add to your research another day–maybe a family reunion.   Lots of families have those in the summer. 
  8. National Flip Flop Day: 19– When I think of flip flops, I think of summer, the beach, shower shoes, and Jennifer Larson.  Go to her site and you’ll see why.  http://www.authorjenniferlarson.com/home.html
  9. Family Awareness Day: 21–What is special about being part of a family?  What is special about how you and your family spend time together?  How do you show your family that you appreciate them?  Learn about other family structures such as single parent families, grandchildren raised by grandparents, foster families, adopted children, and others. 
  10. Let It Go Day: 23–What does it mean to “let it go?”  What is something you can let go today?  Let your worries go, your To Do List, your busy schedule.  What about your hair?  How did you feel at the end of the day?  Better or not?  Why?

Thanks for visiting.  Come again soon and bring a friend.  Comments are appreciated.  If you’re under 13 years old, please ask a trusted adult to post for you.

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