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October’s Activities–This Month’s Calendar Events

Posted by lindamartinandersen on October 1, 2013

“October Activities–This Month’s Calendar Events by Linda Martin Andersen

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074“A Writer’s Playground”

A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

What do you think of when you hear “October?”  My guess is that Halloween would be the number one response.  Why wait until the last day of the month to celebrate?  Check here for additional special days, weeks, and month-long celebrations. 

Special Days in October:

  • International Day of Older Persons:  1  How would you define an older person?  Name one older person you admire who lives in your area.  Name one person you admire who lives in another country.  How do you know this person?  Do these people know you admire them?  How do they know?
  • Techie’s Day:  1  What is a “techie?”  Are you one?  Would you want to be?  Why or why not?  How do you think a “techie” spends a typical day?
  • Balloons Around the World Day:  2  Brainstorm things with the balloon in their name.  Research balloon floats, how to make balloon animals, hot air balloons, balloon surgery, etc.
  • World Farm Animals Day:  2  What farmer’s name comes to mind when you think of an animal farm?  What are the first three animals that come to mind?  Have you ever lived on a farm?  What kind of farm work do you think would be the dirtiest job? 
  • Blessing of the Animals Day (aka Blessing of the Pets Day, World Pet Day):  4  Do you know an animal that has been blessed at church?  What kind of animal?
  • World Smile Day:  4  Smile.  Pass it on.  Smile.  Pass it on.  Smile.  Pass it on.  Keep going!
  • World Card Making Day:  5  When was the last time you made a card?  Who did you give it to?
  • World Teachers Day:  5  What is your favorite subject in school?  What is your least favorite class?  Who was your favorite teacher for each?  Give these teachers a big “Thank You!”
  • Intergeneration Day:  6  What does intergeneration mean?  Give an example.
  • Child Health Day:  7  Where could you go and what could you do this day to improve your health?
  • You Matter To Me Day:  7  Name three people you would say this to.  Why do these people matter?  Tell them.
  • National Face Your Fears Day:  8  Name a fear you have.  Find at least one book that addresses this fear.  Read it.  Did you find this reading helpful?  Why or why not?  Would you be willing to try this with another fear? 
  • International Newspaper Carrier Day:  20  Does your family subscribe to a local paper?  Do you ever read it?  What section do you choose to read?
  • International Day of the Girl:  11  Name a girl you admire and tell why.  What positive qualities does this girl have?
  • Columbus Day:  12  What year was his discovery?  What were the name of his ships?
  • Spider Man Day:  14  What do you admire about Spider Man?  What positive qualities does he have?
  • I Love Lucy Day:  15  Do you find these programs funny?  What makes some of the scenes funny?
  • National Grouch Day:  15  Who are some famous grouch characters in movies, books, television, and real life.  What causes the characters to be grouchy?
  • Dictionary Day:  16  Survey family and friends.  Ask:  How old is your dictionary?  How often do you use it?  Do you use an online dictionary?  How often?
  • National Fossil Day:  16  Research fossils.  Consider visiting a museum with fossils.  Have fossils been found in your area?  What kind?  Read a nonfiction book about fossils.  What do we call someone who hunts for fossils?  Read about one of them.  Read a fiction book about fossils. 
  • Fossil (Eyewitness Books Series)                                                                              After the Dinosaurs: Mammoths and Fossil Mammals (I Can Read Book Series: Level 2)Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean Series #3)
  • Wear Something Gaudy Day:  17   What does gaudy mean?  Where did you look it up?  Have you ever heard someone describe an outfit as gaudy?  Did you agree or disagree?  Why?
  • Information Overload Day:  20  What does it mean to have information overload?  Do you think a computer can experience this? Have you ever experienced it?  Write what a person might say who is experiencing this.
  • Celebration of The Mind Day:  21  What would be a great way to celebrate this day?  Name three things you are glad that you remember.  What does this expression mean:  Mind over matter? 
  • International Stuttering Awareness Day:  22  Research the cause of stuttering, what sounds are often stuttered, and ways to overcome stuttering.  People who pick on/bully a person who stutters might do this.  What?  How do people usually react to someone being picked on?  What will you do the next time you witness this?
  • United Nations Day:  24  What does it mean to be united?  Name an example of something good this organization has accomplished.  http://www.un.org/en/
  • International Bandanna Day:  25  What is a bandanna?  Who wears them?  Name two places on a body these are usually worn.  What gangs are known for wearing colors?  What colors?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerchief  What is a Psalm 91 bandana?  Do you know?  Who might wear one?
  • Make a Difference Day:  26  How have you made a difference?  What else would you like to do to make a difference?  Who would say you have made a difference?  Who would you like to thank for making a difference in your life? 
  • National Forgiveness Day:  26  What is your definition of forgiveness?  Who do you need to forgive?  Who will you ask to forgive you?
  • National Chocolates Day:  28  Make a list of your favorite chocolates.  Who manufactures the kind of candy you like?  Research and see what other products they make. 
  • St. Jude’s Day:  28  What is St. Jude’s mission?  Do you know anyone who has spent time there?  Why?  Who founded St. Jude? 
  • http://www.stjude.org/stjude/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=f87d4c2a71fca210VgnVCM1000001e0215acRCRD
  • Internet Day:  29  Name three wise uses of the internet.  Name three uses that are not wise.  What are some illegal uses of the internet?  Do you know anyone abusing the internet?  What can you do about it?
  • Visit a Cemetery Day:  29  Have you ever visited a family member’s grave?  Was a special message engraved?  Was there a marker?  A tombstone?  What is the difference?  Have you ever placed flowers on a grave?  Was the cemetery a private one, a church one, or a city owned one?  Is there vandalism in cemeteries in your area?  What has been done about it?  What else can be done?
  • Halloween:  31 Do you participate in Trick-or-Treat?  Do you wear a costume?  Do you hand out candy?  Do you decorate your home and/or yard for Halloween? Do you go to costume parties?
  • National Knock-Knock Jokes Day:  31  Find copies of joke books.  Ask a friend to join you.  Take turns looking for knock-knock jokes and sharing them.  Have fun!
  • National Magic Day:  31  Do you know any magic tricks?  Check out books on magic tricks or books about magicians.  If you found a magic lamp, what would you wish for?

Special Weeks: 

  • Universal Children’s Week:  1-7 Name famous children in movies or TV.  Name children who have made a difference in sports or mission work, etc.  Name children you know who you admire?  Why? 
  • World Space Week:  4-10  Brainstorm space words.  Research at least one of them.  What movie, TV show, or book comes to mind when you think “space?” Perhaps you could have a “Space” family night.  Each family member selects a favorite DVD or TV program to watch.  Space documentaries could be viewed too.
  • Fire Prevention Week:  6-12  My last post was about chimney safety and fire prevention.  Check here if you missed it.  I hope you’ll try writing a riddle of your own.  https://lindamartinandersen.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/what-if-firefighters-teamed-up-with-santa-for-national-chimney-safety-week/
  • Great Books Week:  6-12 Name a great children’s book you would recommend to someone your age.  What was a great one from when you were a very young child?  Have a discussion with friends at the lunch table or on the playground about a favorite book.  Ask about theirs.
  • Mystery Series Week:  6-12  Do you read mysteries? Name some famous ones.   Look for them at the library.  Ask a friend for a suggestion.  Ask a librarian. 
  • Astronomy Week:  7-13  What astronomy questions come to mind?  For example, About how many stars are there?  Research your question. Did you find the answer?  If not, who can you ask for help?
  • Kids’ Goal Setting Week:  7-11  What goals do you have set for yourself?  Would you like to add others?  What steps will you take to reach your goals.  Talk to your parents about goal setting. 
  • World Rainforest Week:  7-13  Read about the rainforest.  Watch a documentary.  What animals live there?  Are any endangered?  What would you like to know?  Research it.
  • Earth Science Week:  13-19  Brainstorm earth science topics.  Which would you like to learn more about?  Do it.
  • National School Lunch Week:  14-18  Do you eat school lunch?  Which is your favorite?  What is one of your favorite items served?  Do people who bring their lunch sit together at your school or may they sit anywhere?  What food would you like to see served more often?  Less often?  Name children’s books that show cafeteria ladies or cafeteria scenes.
  • The Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon                                                                                 
  • National Character Counts Week:  20-26  Brainstorm a list of character traits.  What do you think is the most important character trait?  Why? 
  • National Forest Products Week:  20-26  What are national forest products?  List the ones you know.  Research to learn more products.  Why are some forests preserved as National Parks?  Name one.
  • National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week:  20-26  What is lead poisoning?  Is this still a threat?  In what ways?  Research.
  • Red Ribbon Week:  20-26  What is Red Ribbon Week?  Why is it celebrated?  Does you school celebrate?  How?
  • National School Bus Safety Week:  21-25  Check here for a link to North Carolina Bus Safety information.  Enjoy tips and games:  http://www.ncbussafety.org/ncbussafety.html  Research to learn about bus safety in your area.

October is…

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month Think Pink!  Have you ever participated in a walk to raise funds for cancer research?  What other ways can you show support?
  • Bullying Prevention Month  Who can you talk with about bully prevention or bully problems?  What programs are in place at your school to keep you safe?
  • Blindness Awareness Month  What eye diseases cause impaired vision or blindness?  Have you ever known a child who had to have large print materials for school?  Do you know any adults who need large print?  Do you know anyone with a service dog?  Did you know that many public libraries carry machines that enlarge printed material?  What other tools are available?
  • Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month  What is bilingual?  Do you know someone who is bilingual?  What books can you name that are intended for the bilingual market?   
  • Children’s Magazine Month  When you get a chance to browse in the library, which is your favorite children’s magazine?  What do you enjoy most about it?  Do you receive any magazine subscriptions?  If so, which ones?  What would you recommend for someone younger than you?  Why?  Talk magazine talk with a friend this month.
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month  What is Down Syndrome?  Do you know someone with this?  Does the person attend regular classes or Special Education Classes?  Does the person live at home or in a Group Home?  What questions do you have about Down Syndrome?  What  more would you like to learn about Down Syndrome? 
  • Dyslexia Awareness Month What is dyslexia?  Do you know anyone who has this?  How does it affect his/her learning?    
  •  National Popcorn Poppin’ Month  Serve popcorn with a movie.  Do you pop your own?  What flavor do you prefer?  Have you ever seen popcorn growing?  Research to learn more. 
  • National Reading Group Month Does your school have reading groups, whole class reading, book clubs, independent reading and tests on books read?  What do you read for fun?  How could you increase the amount of reading you do?
  • National Roller Skating Month  Do you roller skate?  Is there a night each month for beginners?  Consider a family skate night.
  • Photographer Appreciation Month Who is a photographer in your family?  Would it be possible to have this person teach you a few tips? 
  • Pizza Month  How could you celebrate this month without eating pizza every day? 
  • Positive Attitude Month Name a way to turn a “frown upside down.”
  • Squirrel Awareness Month Watch squirrels closely this month.  What new fact did you learn?  Research for more.
  • Tackling Hunger Month  How would you tackle hunger?  Is that being done?  Research to see what else is being done.  Read about “Stop Hunger Now.” http://www.stophungernow.org/
  • Talk About Prescriptions Month Check with your parents about the proper use of prescription drugs. 
  • Vegetarian Month  What is a vegetarian?  Are you one?  Who do you know who is? How does a vegetarian get the protein needed in a diet?

What will you celebrate this month?  What will you research?  What will you read about?  I look forward to reading your comments.

*Thank you Brownie Locks.com for October celebration information.  For more October observances check out: http://www.brownielocks.com/october.html

Please note:   Children 13 and under are not allowed to leave comments. It’s against the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. (COPPA)  See:  http://www.coppa.org/coppa.htm

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.” Please come again soon and bring a friend. 

Copyright © 2013 Linda Martin Andersen

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October 2012 Activities

Posted by lindamartinandersen on October 1, 2012

“October 2012 Activities” by Linda Martin Andersen

“A Writer’s Playground”

A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.


Think:  What does the word “October” bring to mind?

Halloween, hayrides, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, Fall leaves, haunted houses, Fall Festivals, cool nights, bonfires, jackets, ghost stories, homecoming games, football, trick-or-treat, and costumes.

What else happens in October?  Choose one of the conversation starters below and leave a comment.

Special Days in October:

    • National Custodial Workers Day:  2  Thank a custodian for his/her hard work.

    • Balloons Around the World Day:  3 (First Wednesday) Buy a bag of balloons (notice the alliteration).  What color did you choose?  Research a country with this as the dominant color of their flag.  Learn 3 facts about this country.

    • Blessing of the Animals Day (aka Blessing of the Pets Day, World Pet Day):  4  Does your church recognize this day?  Do you have a friend who attends a church that does?  Consider attending a service.

    • Ten-Four Day:  4  When is “Ten-Four” spoken?  What does it mean?  What jobs might use this signal?  Use the term in conversation with someone today.

    • National Diversity Day:  5 (First Friday) Brainstorm ways to celebrate this day.  Which way will you celebrate?  Ask a friend to join you.

    • World Smile Day:  5 (First Friday) Create smile posters or leave a Post-It Note with a smile.  Take them everywhere you go today.  Don’t forget to smile.

    • Laura Reeves’ artwork used by permission. Copyright protected. To purchase see http://www.reevesartwork.com

      World Communication Day:  7 (First Sunday) Think of ways to start a conversation with someone who is not one of your best friends.  Communicate with that person today.

    • You Matter to Me Day:  7  Tell someone special, “You matter to me.”  Tell them why.

    • Native American Day:  8 (2nd Monday)  Research Native Americans.  Share facts you learned.

    • National Face Your Fears Day:  9 (2nd Tuesday) Book characters often face fears.  Name one book character, his/her fear, and how it was overcome.  Would you recommend this book?

    • Stop Bullying Day:  10  At lunch or on the playground, ask friends what they think helps stop bullying.  What action will you take next?

    • Day of the Six Billion:  12 What does this mean?  Ask friends, teachers, parents, Google it, etc. until you learn the answer if you do not already know.  Why is it important?

    • Universal Music Day:  13 (2nd Saturday)  Pick a musical instrument you don’t hear often.  Listen to instrumental music with this instrument.  What emotion do you feel as you listen? 

    • Clergy Appreciation Day (or Pastor Appreciation Day or Ministry Appreciation Day):  14  Find a way to give thanks for your pastor, your church, and its ministry.

    •  I Love Lucy Day:  15 Watch a rerun, read about Lucille Ball, share your memories of favorite shows.

    • National Grouch Day:  15 Read a book with a grouchy character.  Sesame Street has one, so does The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and Christopher Robin and the Hundred Acre Wood.  What are these characters names?  Name others. 

    • Dictionary Day:  16  Name places where you can locate a dictionary.  Race a friend to find a word using different resources.

    • Mulligan Day:  17  What is a mulligan?  What sport uses this term?  When would you like to have a mulligan and why?

    • Reptile Awareness Day:  21  Check out a nonfiction book about reptiles.  Quiz your parents about different ones.

    • United Nations Day:  24 What is the United Nations?  How is the day celebrated?  What other ways could it be recognized?

    • Frankenstein Friday:  26  Who is Frankenstein?  How was he created?  Is he real or fiction?  If you were a scientist working on a cure for a disease, what would be your mission? Why?

    • Make a Difference Day:  27 How can you make a difference today?  Do it.

    • National Forgiveness Day:  27 (Last Saturday) What would our world be like if everyone forgave everybody?  Who will you forgive today?

    • National Chocolates Day:  28 What’s your favorite kind of chocolate with ice cream?  Swirls in ice cream, chocolate chunks in ice cream, crunchy thin coat on a fudge bar, soft chocolate on an ice cream sandwich?  Something else?  Have you ever persuaded someone to try something new?  How did you convince them?

    • National Knock-Knock Jokes Day:  31  Check out books from the library with knock-knock jokes.  Ask your friend(s) to check out copies too.  Take turns telling jokes.  Take a break and play outside and come back and ask more jokes.  Count the jokes as you go.  See how many you tell in a day.

Special Weeks in October:

  • Universal Children’s Week: 1-7 How do you think this week should be celebrated?  Learn about children in other countries.  Many public libraries subscribe to databases about other cultures. 

  • National Newspaper Week: 1-5 Visit the local library and look at the newspaper displays.  What are local titles?  What are national ones?  Spend time reading. 

  • Spinning & Weaving Week:  1-7 Visit a museum with displays about spinning and weaving.  Attend a demonstration, if possible.

  • World Space Week: 4-10 Consider visiting a planetarium, read nonfiction books about space travel, or read biographies about astronauts. 

  • National Storytelling Weekend: 5-7 (1st Full Week) Do you know a storyteller?  If not, check out some library books and read folktales, fairy tales, fables, ghost stories,etc.

Linda M. Andersen copyright 2012
  • Fire Prevention Week: 7-13 Review “stop, drop, and roll.”

  • Great Books Week:  7-13 (1st Full Week) Have everyone in your family list one or two books they call great.  Check out the titles from the public library and takes turns reading a favorite section.  Visit here again on October 7 for a chance to meet a Newbery Award Judge. 

  • National Metric Week:  7-13 (Week always has 10th in it)  Think metric.  Speak metric.  Measure metric.  GO metric!

  • Kids’ Goal Setting Week: 8-12 What goals have you set for yourself?  What are you doing to achieve them?  Ask an adult to help you set goals and monitor your progress.

  • World Rainforest Week:  12-18 Can you imagine spending time in the rainforest?  One of my friends did.  Check out Joy Acey’s blog posts with poems she wrote about her adventures.  See her photos below:  

  •  http://poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com/search?q=rainforest

Macaw in Rainforest of Peru. Copyright 2012 Joy Acey
Monkeys in Rainforest of Peru. Copyright 2012 Joy Acey



    • Teen Read Week:  14-20 Name your favorite authors for teens.  Read something by an author new to you.

    • National Character Counts Week: 21-27 Name character traits.  Which are your strengths and which do you need to improve?  How? 

    • National Chemistry Week: 21-27 Do you know someone who is taking chemistry?  Ask questions about the subject.

    • Red Ribbon Week:  21-27 (Last Week)  Why is Red Ribbon Week celebrated?  How do you celebrate it

    • National School Bus Safety Week:  22-26 (4th Week) How do you get to school?  Have you ever ridden a bus?  What rules do you think should be added to keep a bus ride safe?  Who can you discuss this with?

  • Peace, Friendship and Good Will Week:  24-30 Name one way to improve each for the week.  Are you willing to continue doing what worked beyond a week?

  • International Magic Week:  25-31 What is your favorite magic tricks?  Read and practice a magic trick.  Watch a magician’s act.

October is…

  • Apple Month

  • Bat Appreciation Month. What do you appreciate about bats?  Learn one more positive thing about them.

  • Bullying Prevention Month  See October 10.  Think of other activities.

  • Children’s Magazine Month. Read stories or articles from three magazines you don’t subscribe to.  Some magazines may be checked out from the public library.

  • National Bake and Decorate Month Check for parent-child cooking programs.  Some craft stores may offer them.  Public libraries may also.

  • National Book Month. Write a favorite author.  Buy a favorite author’s book.  Attend a favorite author’s book signing.  Consider doing these same things for a debut author such as the one spotlighted here this month:  Donna Earnhardt.

  • National Crime Prevention Month.  Brainstorm terms about crime prevention.  Research careers in this field.

  • National Dental Hygiene Month.  Do you need to replace your toothbrush?  Do you floss every day?

  • National Go on a Field Trip Month. How many school field trips can you recall taking?  Where else would you like to go?

  • National Stamp Collecting Month  Ask about this at your local post office?  Find out what stamps are popular now.

  • Positive Attitude Month.  What could you do this entire month that demonstrates a positive attitude?  Would you be willing to try for two months?

*Thank you Brownie Locks.com for October celebration information.  For more October observances check out:  http://www.brownielocks.com/october.html 

Let’s talk:  Choose one or more of the conversation starters above and leave a comment.  Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Please come again soon.  Bring a friend.

*Resources:  http//vertex42.com (calendar) and http://www.brownielocks.com/october.html(calendar observances)

Coming this week:  Debut Author, Donna

Earnhardt, and Signed Book Giveaway!

Copyright © 2012 Linda Martin Andersen


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