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May 2012 Activities

Posted by lindamartinandersen on April 30, 2012

“May 2012 Activities” by Linda Martin Andersen

  “A Writer’s Playground”

A place to find word play, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

“April showers bring May flowers.”



May Activities

“April showers bring May flowers.”
Think:  What else do April showers bring?  April showers bring May fever.  April showers bring May pollen.  April showers bring May trips to the garden center for ________________,    _______________, and  _______________.  What other thoughts come to mind about May?

Special Days in May:

  • Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13)
  • Memorial Day (Monday, May 28)

Special Weeks in May:

  • Be Kind to Animals Week (5-12)
  • Children’s Book Week (7-13)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (7-11)
  • Reading is Fun Week (13-19)
  • Universal Family Week (12-19)
  • Emergency Medical Support (EMS) Week (15-2l)

May is…

  • Get Caught Reading Month
  • National Military Appreciation Month

*Thank you Brownie Locks.com for May celebration information.  For more May observances check out:  http://www.brownielocks.com/may.html.  Then try these:

  • Name an observance that made you chuckle. 
  • Name one that is new to you.
  • What is an observance you would propose be added?  Why?

Brainstorm about May:
Think: May and keywords for the month–quotes, May flowers, books with “May” in the title.

Think: May observances and related words such as Mother’s Day, Mother, May I? (game).

Let’s talk:  Choose one or more of the conversation starters below and leave a comment…

1. When you think of May, what quotes come to mind?  Example:  “Bloom where you’re planted.”  What does that mean?  Who do you know who blooms where he/she is planted?  Tell why.

2. What flowers bloom in May in your area?  What about other areas?  What is blooming now in Spain, Japan, London?  Choose another location if you’d like.  Find these places on a globe or atlas.

3. Do you have a favorite flower?  What is it?  Do you have a special memory that comes to mind when you see, smell, or think of this flower?

4. Search for books with “May” in the title.  What titles did you found?  Select one from the library.  Do you know how to do a book search from the library’s online listing?  Tell about any “May” books you’ve read.  For example:  I recently read May B. by Caroline Starr Rose.  It is written in verse, a type of poetry.  Have you ever read a book in verse?  May B  is a historical novel about a girl abandoned on the Kansas prairie.

5. Create a special Mother’s Day card (Grandmother/Aunt/Foster Mom).  Write a message about a special Mother’s Day memory or thank your mother for something she has done for you.

6. Did you know that there is a flower that is called a “May Pop?”  What do you imagine it looks like?  How do you think it got its name?  Search and see if you are correct.

7. What is a May Pole Dance?  Find pictures, watch a video, or try the dance with others.

8. When is “May Day” used as a distress call?  Can you name a movie that used this call?

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Please come again soon.  Bring a friend.

*Resources:  htttp.//www.vertex42.com (calendar)

Copyright © 2012 Linda Martin Andersen


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