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W is for Wisteria, Wonder, and Writer’s Gifts

Posted by lindamartinandersen on April 27, 2016

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A Writer’s Playground–a place to find wordplay, writing prompts, reasons to celebrate, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart  “W is for Wisteria, Wonder, and Writer’s Gifts” by Linda Martin Andersen

This month I’m sharing photos and blog posts from A-Z.  I’m excited about trying something new.  I hope you’ll stop by often throughout the month.

Check out the participants for the April (2016) Challenge.  There are plenty to choose from http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

W is for Wisteria

Have you seen wisteria twisting and climbing trees in your area?  I told someone it’s as close to purple mountain majesty as we get in the Sandhills of North Carolina.  Wisteria always reminds me of one of my favorite authors…

Joyce Moyer Hostetter has a new middle grade historical novel that will be launched in October 2016.  It’s called Aim.  It is the prequel to Blue.  Comfort rounds out the trilogy.  Wisteria plays an important role in the setting of Joyce’s books.  So of course, she’s showing off their lovely blooms below.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter's Profile Photo  These Advance Readers Copies (ARC) arrived on Monday.  The launch day for Aim is Oct. 4, 2016.  Congratulations, Joyce!                                   

Why is Joyce modeling wisteria? 

Perhaps she is celebrating that Aim, the prequel, is coming soon!

To learn more about Joyce Moyer Hostetter’s books, check here:  http://joycemoyerhostetter.com/my-books/

Joyce’s blog:  The Three R’s–Reading, ‘Riting, and Research:  http://joycemoyerhostetter.blogspot.com/

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joyce Hostetter for another of her books, Healing Water, a book that includes leprosy.  This post probably received the most comments of any I’ve ever written.


Healing Water: A Hawaiian Story

Joyce Hostetter and Carol Baldwin co-write a newsletter for teachers and parents.  Learn more about “Talking Story” here:  http://carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/p/talking-story.html

I hope you’ll check out Joyce Moyer Hostetter and her books!

W is for Wonder

When I hear “wonder,” I tend to think “head in the clouds.”

Copyright 2014. Jim Martin

Copyright 2014. Jim Martin


What do you think of when you hear “wonder?”  I wonder what he/she’s thinking.  I wonder if I’ll ever reach my goal.  I wonder what it would be like to be…or to do… I hope you’ll share something that you wonder.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is participating in a poetry writing challenge this month that she calls, “Wallow in Wonder.”  Here’s a post to enjoy.


Visit Wonderopolis here:  http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-do-kangaroos-keep-in-their-pockets

W is for Writer’s Gifts

When friends give me gifts, they sometimes purchase something to inspire my writing.  Here’s one example:

Writing Muse. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Writing Muse. Copyright 2016. Linda Martin Andersen

Thanks to all who gift me with encouragement, love, friendship, and shared writing tips!  I love and appreciate my writing community.  It keep me going!

What “W” words come to mind for you? I hope you’ll share why they’re special to you.

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend. Please leave a comment.  Remember that children 13 and under need an adult to comment for them.  For more fun, sign up to follow my blog.  Thank you!


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Is it Time to Share That Story Stuck in a Drawer?

Posted by lindamartinandersen on May 23, 2013

“Is it Time to Share That Story Stuck in the Drawer?” by Linda Martin Andersen

“A Writer’s Playground”–A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.

I recently  visited “Pencil Tips Writing Workshop” blog  and read a post entitled, “Writing Connections with Debbie Levy by Mary Quattlebaum.”  In an interview, Levy stated that something her mom had saved and brought with her as an immigrant to America, told of her days as a Jewish girl in Nazi Germany in 1930.  This reading led Levy to write a book .  Do you have a story or mementos stored away that needs sharing?  Check out this site to read about Debbie Levy’s experience.  http://tinyurl.com/m44vymc

Levy’s finished product is a historical novel in verse called The Year of Goodbyes.   

After reading this post, I was reminded of the current issue of  “Talking Story,” a quality newsletter written by Joyce Hostetter and Carol Baldwin.  Its current theme is immigration.   View it here:  http://www.carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/p/talking-story.html 

Learn more about these authors at their blogs.  They have discovered that items of historical  interest can be right around the corner or in their neighborhood:

http://joycemoyerhostetter.blogspot.com/  Joyce writes middle grade historical fiction–sometimes local community sites.  She lives in Hickory, North Carolina.

Carol is writing a middle grade novel called Half Truths about local historical events that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she lives. http://www.carolbaldwinblog.blogspot.com/p/half-truths.html

Carol Baldwin and Joyce Hostetter also offer giveaways at Talking Story.  I just won a copy of The Amazing Harry Kelly Great American Magician by Gail Jarrow.  Lucky me!  I hope you’ll check out the great newsletter and register for future giveaways too.

Here’s another immigration resource from May 22, 2013:  On this day in history “The Great Emigration” departed for Oregon in 1843.  Learn more about it here:  http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/great-emigration-departs-for-oregon

Do you have an immigration story you’d like to share here?  Maybe you can turn it into a published story too!

Thanks for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon.  Bring a friend.

Copyright © 2013 Linda Martin Andersen

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