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Good Fences Make…

Posted by lindamartinandersen on May 15, 2014

“Good Fences Make..” by Linda Martin Andersen

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Copyright 2014 Linda Andersen

Copyright 2014 Linda Andersen

I recently saw this beautiful azalea hedge/fence blooming in our apartment complex. When I walked past it, I thought of a line from Mending Walls by Robert Frost:  “Good fences make good neighbours.”  This statement is a proverb.

What is a proverb?  What are some other examples?



After this experience, I started to notice other fences in the area.  On a daily drive, I’ve been watching a lady putting up a privacy fence.  I decided to write several different endings to “Good fences make…” based on the lady’s yard project and my thoughts about it.  I hope you enjoy them.  What are other ways you’d complete the statement “Good fences make…?

Building good fences makes… strong muscles.

The lady building the fence dug post holes with a manual post hole digger and added cement that she mixed by hand, a little at a time.  Building strong muscles.  Probably some sore ones too.

Building good fences makes…a time for solitude.  After all, it’s not a project many volunteer to help do!

The lady building the fence works alone for hours.  Maybe she prefers it that way.  Maybe solitude is what she’s seeking as much as a new fence.

Good fences (privacy) make…a personal paradise.

The lady building the fence has added trees inside the fenced area.  I wonder if she will include a garden swing to share with someone special.  Will she sip lemonade under her future shade?

Good fences make…a place for the dog. 

The lady building the fence may have a pet.  I’m imagining a dog running in the new pen once it’s finished.

What are other ways you’d end the statement? “Good fences make…”  Please share your ideas.

This writing exercise has me wondering about this lady who works so hard.  I could write a character sketch about her and then a story.  I hope this exercise gets you motivated to write too.

 Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Please come again soon.  Bring a friend.

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Copyright © 2014 Linda Martin Andersen

6 Responses to “Good Fences Make…”

  1. I like the idea of good fences creating privacy. ALthough they can keep people out too. But then, it wouldn’t be a good fence, would it? WIll have to mull this one over, Linda, and see if I can come up with anything better than you did!

    • Carol,
      Always a pleasure to have your company. I promise to open a gate for you any day. I imagine you can come up with several good ways to end this writing prompt statement or maybe your writing class could give it a try if you have one in progress. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    A good fence makes protection against the outside world and a haven of security and peace for the people inside its edges.

    Celebrate you, Linda Martin Andersen and all your writing ideas.

    Never Give Up

  3. I like the way you are thinkly deeply about this. it’s a topic I’ve wondered about as I try to find that balance of being friendly and creating a place of solitude. This weekend I heard a new definition of solitude. Solitude is being alone with God. This was somewhat revolutionary for me as I tend to want to be alone with me, my work, my characters etc. But recognizing that I am pulling away from others in order to be alone with God adds meaning to my aloneness. It makes it less selfish and becomes about refueling so that I can interact with those on the other side of my fence. We have close neighbors and I don’t watch them all the time or have them watching me. We have Leland Cypress trees planted in an irregular pattern because I prefer the non-fence like look. It allows for us and them to weave our way back and forth between the trees and yet it does provide some sheltered space, some separateness.

    I think Good Fences make Good Neighbors. Maybe another question is what is a good fence? I struggle with that one – how to create appropriate boundaries between me and the rest of the world. I don’t think I answered your question but I do like your thoughts a lot!

    • Joyce,
      Thanks for sharing the definition of solitude. It does make you stop in your tracks. Loved it.

      Leland Cypress tress allow a pass-through, unlike most fences. They speak a friendly “welcome neighbor,” but limbs blocking one yard from another serve as a reminder to “think-before-you cross.”

      What is a good fence? A great question. Maybe you’ll tackle that one later. Hope so!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for letting me know.

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