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Where Are You Hanging Out This Summer?

Posted by lindamartinandersen on June 25, 2015

A Writer's Playground Fotosearch_u17996074 “Where Are You Hanging Out This Summer?”

Are you hanging out by the pool, the beach, with friends, at the mall, etc.?

For more definitions of “hanging out,” check here:  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hanging+out

Windsocks are often hanging out…

A windsock can be a decorative yard ornament.

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen


OR windsocks can serve as a device that shows the direction and strength of the wind at airfields.

This morning, I observed one of Nature’s Windsocks 

I saw an elm leaf suspended in the air and twirling in the breeze–one of nature’s windsocks.  I approached for a closer look.   The leaf hung from a spider’s thread.  The leaf was a hitch-hiker going for a free ride.  It was hanging out in the air.  Cool, huh?

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen

Copyright 2015 Linda Martin Andersen


Looking for a little summer science study?

  • Why do spiders dangle a leaf from their webs or does the wind blow them there?  At the Physics Forums site listed below, leaves like these are called Christmas ornaments or toys.  Reference:


Looking for a summer craft activity? 

 Looking for a summer writing prompt?

  • Write about a leaf caught in a spider’s thread and show how the leaf might explain his behavior.  What will leaf’s response be if Mother Leaf asks:
  1. It’s about time you showed up.  Where have you been?  I’ve been worried sick about you.
  2. Did you get lost?
  3. Did you follow the flight plan we talked about?
  4. Did you tell your brother and sisters goodbye or just float on away?
  5. Did you remember to dry yourself after the rain shower last night?
  • What are some silly responses leaf could give?  For example, I was just hanging out/around.
  • What other plants/trees can show the direction of the wind and its strength, like a windsock?  Write a story about one of them.

Share something you wrote based on this post or an experience you had with one of nature’s windsocks. 

Thanks for visiting.  Come again soon and bring a friend.  Comments are appreciated.  If you’re under 13 years old, please ask a trusted adult to post for you.

16 Responses to “Where Are You Hanging Out This Summer?”

  1. You are so clever with your blog, Linda. I’ll have to look for the answer to the webbed leaf. Thanks for sharing! Sarah

  2. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    I love the photo of the leaf suspended in the air by a spider’s web. I love hanging out with my family and friends!

    Do something fun to cool off on this hot summer day.

    Never Give Up

    • Joan,
      Winter, summer, spring, or fall…hanging out with family and friends is always in season. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo of leaf suspended in air. I’m glad it wasn’t my assignment to suspend the leaf. I guess I would have had to call on a spider for help. Thanks for commenting. I hope you’re staying cool too.

  3. No windsocks for me this summer…although I might have to return to this if I’m visiting with one of my older grandkids. Right now baby Eleanor is too busy sleeping and eating then to be doing anything else!

    • Carol,
      Baby Eleanor is doing just what she’s supposed to be doing. I’m so glad you can hang out with her for a while! So special! Thanks for taking time to comment. I know these are busy times. Great ones too!

  4. eightpawswriting said

    Hi Linda, after a quick trip to Florida and Beaufort, I am enjoying being home and spending down time with my grands before I start revisions on my second novel. Summer flies by and want to do include some fun trips with my teen grands.

    • Eightpawswriting,
      You have arranged some fun hanging out plans. This reminds me of how my mom approaches a family reunion’s food spread…dessert first. Why not? Glad you’re able to celebrate summer with some trips and outings with grands. Wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to hearing from you again. Perhaps a post-summer update? Hope so!

  5. Hi Linda, as you came up with perfect questions for the leaf story, I think you should write the PB. I plan on spending time at the beach this summer. How about you?

    • Tracy,
      I’m glad you thought I came up with good questions for a leaf story. Turns out I am brainstorming a spider story. Perhaps a dangling leaf could be included. Who knows? Stories are so much fun! Thanks so much for commenting!

      Enjoy the beach. We’ll probably spend some time in the mountains in July or August. Stay cool!

  6. Well…spider’s do need a dangling leaf, maybe lots of leaves. Grin. The mountains sounds wonderful too. Stay cool? Our weather is quite cool at the moment, and we’ve had so much rain. 🙂

    • Tracy,
      Thanks for continuing the spider thread. 🙂

      So you can’t relate to stay cool? Our weather for June made record highs. Hottest June here in 60 years! Fayetteville often has the hottest temps in NC. We’ve had a great deal of rain recently and some bad storms. Fortunately, we didn’t have fallen trees at our house.

  7. Kathleen said

    Linda, great post. In Japan on Boys day, windsocks in the form of colorful carp fish blow in the wind 🙂

    • Kathy,
      I’ve seen photographs of those lovely windsocks. When is Boys Day? Can you share more about the day’s significance or is that my homework assignment? Thanks for all you add here! Most appreciated.

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