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Nobody Ever Promised…

Posted by lindamartinandersen on August 30, 2016

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“Nobody Ever Promised…” by Linda Martin Andersen



Poster created at http://www.quozio.com

My dear friend, Sarah Swan, reviews children’s books on her blog.  Earlier this summer, Sarah honored my husband and me by reviewing books that mention death.  Thank you so much, Sarah.  Check out the books Sarah reviewed here:

In Honor of Scotty Andersen and his lovely Wife, Linda

To learn about Sarah’s young adult novel, Terror’s Identity, see here:  https://www.amazon.com/Terrors-Identity-Sarah-Swan-ebook/dp/B01CMUWJ04

What books have you read that mention the death of a pet or loved one?  Use the writing prompts below as conversation starters with your parents/children.

Writing Prompts:

  1. Nobody ever promised…
  2. When my _________ died, I felt like…
  3. When my friend was crying, I…
  4. My Pet Died
  5. Ways to Feel Better When You’re Sad
  6. Who I Talk to When I’m Sad
  7. Visiting the Cemetery
  8. Flowers on the Grave
  9. A Marker on the Grave
  10. Attending a Funeral or Memorial Service

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14 Responses to “Nobody Ever Promised…”

  1. Kathleen said

    Linda, your poster with “Nobody ever promised a tearless grief wall” touches my heart. I remember reading Sarah Swan’s lovely blog dedication to you and Scotty.
    To fill in one of your examples: When my mom died, I felt like I was only 5yrs old, not an adult in my grieving process.At times, I still do.
    I’m sending you a hug, my dear friend. ❤

    • Kathleen,

      Thanks for sharing that during your grief, you felt like you were only 5 years old. That makes perfect sense to me, especially since you wanted the love of your mother to comfort you. Thanks for the hug. Much appreciated.

  2. So true, So true. Just finished reading Monika Schroeder’s new book, “Be Light Like a Bird.” MG, similar theme.

  3. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Our feelings about the death of a loved one are complicated and on many levels. Sending love to surround you.

    Never Give Up

    • Thanks for the love you sent my way. Friends have done much to help me move forward on this Grief Walk. Our feelings are definitely complicated concerning death of a loved one. Thanks for your comments and your friendship.

  4. That was a lovely tribute by Sarah. Hugs to you, Linda, as you continue to embrace your grief. As for books that deal with death of a pet or loved one. Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine. Wild Things by Clay Carmichael. I tend to write books about death of a loved one. Not sure why I need to process these things. Most of my family members have lived to a ripe old age. But I guess I’ve seen the grief of others.

    • Joyce,
      Thanks for suggesting more book titles on this theme. I’m especially glad that you mentioned you tend to write about the death of a loved one. I hope readers will seek out all these great books.

      I appreciate hugs from you too, Joyce.

  5. godselfie said

    We like your poster Linda. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Love, Renee and Ben

  6. Roxie said

    Hugs Linda, this is brilliant and brave. Perfect conversation starters, and absolutely love the quote and photo.
    Been doing some of that grief walking myself. Tears are our internal washing visible to others.

    • Roxie, what nice compliments. Thank you! My sympathy for you on your recent loss and present grief walk. I love your outlook on tears as our internal washing visible to others. A great concept! Thanks so much for sharing!

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