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Just Jot It January #9

Posted by lindamartinandersen on January 9, 2016

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“A Writer’s Playground”–A place to find wordplay, writing, and monthly calendar activities for kids and those young at heart.”

“Just Jot It January #9” by Linda Martin Andersen

I accepted a challenge for January: Just jot a note and submit.  I can’t participate every remaining day this month, but I will join in when I can.

I decided to create a theme to write about:

Today, I celebrate a “Toothy Critique,” inspired by…


I have been a follower of Tim Livingston’s blog, The Forest Artist, for several years.  Today’s post made me laugh.  It also caused me to reflect on a “toothy critique” I received.  That critique spurred me to rewrite until my manuscript is now marketable, according to a friend.  So, today I celebrate a “toothy critique.”

How about you?  Have you ever received a “toothy critique?” Were you able to use it in a positive way?  Tell about it.  What do you celebrate today?  I look forward to your comments.

Visit http://lindaghill.com/2015/12/31/just-jot-it-january-2016-rules/ for details about Just Jot It January and to comment on other participants’ posts.

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend. Please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating.  Remember that children 13 and under need an adult to comment for them.  For more fun, sign up to follow my blog.  Thank you!



9 Responses to “Just Jot It January #9”

  1. The toothiest criticisms I get are from my mother, who doesn’t like any of my work. I don’t write like Jane Austen or play piano like Artur Rubinstein, and that’s all she needs to know. She has very high standards! 😦

  2. Loved the dog pictures and your advice to Annabelle. She needs a different critic for her work–one who knows how to sandwich negative critique inside positive!! I look for critique from authors who I respect will tell me the truth.

  3. Sometimes, “toothy critiques” ache. Your attitude is perfect, Linda. 🙂

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