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Potty Humor

Posted by lindamartinandersen on February 4, 2016

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“Potty Humor” by Linda Martin Andersen

Yesterday, I found three examples of Potty Humor.

  1. Riding down the highway I travel often, I noticed a young long leaf pine.  It reminded me of toilet bowl bristles and I giggled.  “A toilet bowl brush for a giant toilet,” I thought.
  2. Almost immediately after that, I stopped for a traffic light behind a septic tank truck for portable toilets.  It’s motto:  We’re #1 in the #2 business.  Another good laugh.
  3. My third discovery:  A blog post by John Holton.  Read here:


I also recently wrote about the “magic of threes.”  https://lindamartinandersen.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/just-jot-it-january-25-prestidigitation/

Who would have thought “the magic of threes” would lead to three examples of potty humor in one day?  Do you look for examples of threes?  I like to see what things stand out to me as I go about my day.  Yesterday, it was potty humor.  Tell about one of your humorous discoveries.

Writing Prompts:

  1. Do you enjoy reading “potty humor?”  Tell about a book, comic strip, cartoon, etc. you found funny.
  2. Is potty humor only for kids?  Why or why not?
  3. Do you have a funny family story you can share about potty humor?
  4. What is #2 business?  Does your family use this term?
  5. Write a riddle or joke about potty humor.  My attempt…

Riddle #1:  What do long leaf pines and toilet brushes have in common? 

Answer:  Bristles.

Riddle #2:  What is the best room to read potty humor if you’re on a diet?

Answer:  The kitchen.  The jokes will kill your appetite.

Thank you for visiting “A Writer’s Playground.”  Come again soon and bring a friend. Please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating today.  Remember that children 13 and under need an adult to comment for them.  For more fun, sign up to follow my blog.  Thank you!



13 Responses to “Potty Humor”

  1. Potty humour is definitely not just for kids. You can’t beat it for a good belly laugh, and they do say laughter is the best medicine.

    • I agree Annabelle. The fact that my day of three potty humor discoveries led me to write about them, shows that adults find this fun too, even if their potty humor is primarily intended for a children.

  2. Joan Y. Edwards said

    Dear Linda,
    Thanks for sharing your potty humor. School aged boys would love it. I loved the post you shared about the hair cuts! What a great surprise ending!

    Never Give Up

  3. Carol Baldwin said

    Liked the long leaf pine image. I’ll never be able to see them again without thinking this! Good simile too!

  4. joycemoyerhostetter said

    When I was growing up, one of my favorite places for escape with a book was the bathroom. To this day my brother declares that I am always in the bathroom reading a book when it is time to wash the dishes! (He thinks that’s funny! I think he’s exaggerating.)

    Loved your potty humor post so maybe adults like it just as much too. I confess I used the word dooky a few times in my BLUE prequel. It felt natural to do so and I hope it brings a giggle from the reader.

    • Hi Joyce,
      So glad to have you share your thoughts with us. Always great to have you here.

      I believe the bathroom reading argument is a matter of perspective. Right, author lady? I’ll be looking for the word dooky when I read the Blue prequel. When is your novel due out? I am looking forward to reading it.

  5. I agree with Carol, I’ll never look at tree needles the same way. LOL

  6. Linda,
    Sorry, this is so late. I have no excuse,except that i’m self-publishing my first childrens book and working on the descriptions of my characters. Can’t wait till its published. When is your novel going to be released?

    • June,
      Any time is okay to respond. Thanks for commenting. I wish you all the best with your children’s book and its upcoming publication. When is my novel coming out? After it’s written, I guess. 😉
      I have some picture book manuscripts, but no novels yet. Thanks for believing in me though.

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